Oil Filters

Instead of replacing your engine oil filter with another standard car oil filter, why not try the aftermarket oil filters here at CarMods Australia? Our aftermarket oil filters are designed to exceed OEM standards.

They facilitate smoother and less-hindered oil passage into your engine oil system while still effectively removing contaminants. With our oil filters, your car’s engine will perform better and last longer because it will be better lubricated.  High quality oil filters  are critical to ensuring that your oil pump has a good supply of clean oil from the sump.

Our aftermarket oil filters are made by established manufacturers who use high-grade materials for their products, so you won’t have to replace them as often as you would replace standard oil filters. Most standard oil filters feature cellulose filter elements that must be replaced every 5,000 kilometers. Most of our aftermarket oil filters incorporate synthetic resin media that is tougher, highly efficient, and more durable. Therefore, you are assured of much longer oil filter change intervals with them; intervals of even up to 10,000 kilometers. Longer car oil filter change intervals translate to money savings because you will buy fewer replacements over the life of your car. They will also save time because you will spend less time doing oil filter changes.     


Explore Our Range of Oil Filters in Australia

We at CarMods Australia pride ourselves on being amongst the best-stocked Australian-based vendors on the internet. We have both primary and secondary oil filters. Primary oil filters, also called full-flow oil filters, are designed to do the major work of removing impurities from your engine’s oil. They are not restrictive, i.e., they allow oil to flow more freely in the engine. They include cartridge oil filters and spin-on oil filters. Secondary oil filters are designed to support or complement primary oil filters. They remove the contaminants that may have gotten past primary oil filters. They include spinner oil filters and magnetic oil filters. If you want advice on which oil filter to choose for your car, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Which type of oil filter is most prevalent on the market?

Spin-on oil filters.


Can an oil filter be cleaned and reused?

It depends on whether the oil filter was designed to be a disposable or reusable oil filter. Disposable oil filters should not last longer than one oil change because they clog up quickly. Reusable oil filters, however, can be cleaned and reused several times.   


Does an oil filter upgrade improve performance?

Yes. An oil filter upgrade can improve lubrication within the engine and cause an increase in both performance and fuel economy.

129 Products Found

129 Products Found