Strut Bars

If your car handles poorly or is "all over the place" when driving it hard, you should consider enhancing its structural rigidity with a strut brace.

Front/rear strut bars are an easy and affordable way to stiffen your car's chassis. We at CarMods Australia have high-quality, street/pro-spec strut bars, all made by chassis bracing manufacturers you can trust. We also sell many more automotive products and accessories that are sure to add value to your car.

Your car's chassis flexing directly affects the way it handles. You may not notice chassis flex when driving on the street at moderate speeds, but you will see its effect when doing time attacks or circuit races on the track. A stiffer chassis guarantees quicker lap times because it provides a firmer base for your car's suspension, enabling it to do a better job of keeping your tires in contact with the road.

An aftermarket struts bar like the ones we have here at CarMods Australia connects a car's left/right strut towers. It counters chassis flex by distributing load pressure across both strut towers when cornering. As a result, a struts bar facilitates higher cornering stability and control, even at high speeds.  

A strut brace will also enhance your engine bay's look because many feature sporty designs and vibrant colors.


Explore Our Range of Car Strut Bars in Australia  

We at CarMods Australia have a wide range of front/rear strut bars, both available in adjustable and non-adjustable options. They are made using high-grade metal alloys that are rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Our strut braces are also designed to match the chassis dimensions of specific vehicles, so rest assured that they will fit your vehicle perfectly. Contact our modding specialists if you want guidance on which strut bar to choose for your car. You can reach them at (07) 5649 8778. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do strut bars improve a car's performance?

They won't increase horsepower or straight-line speed, but by improving stability and road grip through corners, strut bars will make your car get around turns and corners faster.


Do I need to hire a technician to install a strut bar?

No, you can install it on your own.  


How long does a struts bar last?

It can last the life of your car.

177 Products Found

177 Products Found