Strut Bars

Want to improve your car’s handling without spending a lot of money? Get strut bars/braces like the ones we have here at Car Mods Australia (CMA). CMA is committed to providing affordable yet high-quality aftermarket products that enhance both performance and handling.

We network with local and international, top-rated automotive part/accessory manufacturers that provide diverse ranges of automotive products for all your modding needs. With the right set of strut bars, your vehicle will offer sharper, more predictable handling and better stability.  


In vehicles that have MacPherson strut front suspensions, suspension load is transferred to the top of the strut towers. Strut bars are high-strength braces designed to connect the strut towers in a vehicle. Their purpose is to increase stiffness between the strut towers. In helping to reduce chassis flex when your vehicle is cornering, strut bars reduce body roll. Also, when cornering, the weight of the vehicle shifts to the outer wheels. A strut bar helps to redistribute that excess pressure from the outer strut tower to inner strut tower, resulting in improved balance and enhanced traction through the corner. Strut bars also facilitate improved turn-in and sharper steering response while enhancing steering feedback, and so they enable you to drive through corners with greater confidence and speed.

Strut bars also reduce wear and tear in your car’s suspension system and drivetrain. Strut bars balance out driving forces and pressures between both strut towers, resulting in the increased longevity of your vehicle’s suspension and drivetrain components.

Strut bars are also under-hood bling. They are available in different shapes and colors and with diverse, performance-themed finishes that make your car look sportier.     



We offer hundreds of strut bars from over 200 top-rated auto-part manufacturers based in Australia and other parts of the world. We have them stocked at our state-of-the-art warehouse; they are ready to be shipped to all corners of Australia. Our partner shipping companies StarTrack, FedeEx and Australia Post, will ensure that these parts and accessories get to your doorstep quickly.  



CMA only partners with tried-and-true automotive product manufacturers that are committed to the highest levels and build quality in their products, so you are always assured of getting great value with our products. This is confirmed by the fact that many of the products we offer come with warranties. Car Mods Australia offers over 250,000 different automotive modding products for enthusiasts and professionals in motor sport.

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