Sun Shades

When many motorists or car owners are asked about car sun shades, their response is, "does my car really need it?"

Well, yes, it does! More than you realize! Car shades Australia can save you a lot of discomfort in the warmer seasons and the costs of upholstery or entertainment system repairs. We at Car Mods Australia can hook you up with premium, branded sun shades that you can use for the entire life of your car. We are a one-stop car mods shop with over 300,000 automotive products of different types in stock, so count on us to meet all your car shades Australia needs.  

Car sun shades are designed to prevent or stifle the entry of the sun's harmful UV rays into a car's cabin. Windscreen sun shades have a mat-like design with a shiny, reflective front side and a foam core, while window sun shades are made from UV-resistant fabric like Sunbrella.


The Importance of Sun Shades Australia

Car cabins can get dangerously hot without car sun shades when left to sit in the sun for long periods. Car cabin materials absorb and retain heat. Also, because you are likely to park your car with all your windows up, that heat will build up rapidly. It can increase even to double that of the surrounding area. That is why it is dangerous to leave children for long periods in your car while you go out to buy groceries or perform errands. 

That heat can also cause your in-car electronics to malfunction and your upholstery materials to age faster. It also places a greater demand on your climate control system, forcing it to work harder in the warmer seasons. Also, your exposed thighs or legs can get nasty burns when they come in contact with your car's leather-trimmed seats after sitting in the sun for a while.

Our sun shades can significantly reduce the heat that builds in your car's cabin when you park it in the sun, even by up to 40 percent. By inhibiting the penetration of UV rays, they will prevent all the above and the fading or cracking of cabin upholstery materials to a large extent.   


Explore Our Range of Car Sun Shades Online in Australia  

We at Car Mods Australia feature sun shade products from many of America's top-rated aftermarket auto-accessory manufacturers. Thanks to their unique designs, these sun shapes can be easily folded when not in use. They also have innovative clasping mechanisms that ensure they remain attached even when the car is moving. Best of all, these car sun shades are affordable. 

Let us meet your sun shades Australia needs. Make your order today, and we will ship it in record time. If you have any questions about these products, do not hesitate to contact our modding specialists. You can reach them at (07) 5649 8778. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Are car sun shades washable?

Yes, they are.

Are all car shades vehicle specific?

No, there are also universal car shades

17 Products Found

17 Products Found