Paddle Shifters

Paddle shifters are the next best thing to stick shifters, providing similar manual control over your car’s transmission.

They are designed to help you shift gears in a safer, quicker, easier, and more engaging manner. If your car’s paddle shifters are not delivering on this purpose as you would want, we at CarMods Australia can help. Our car paddle shifters have been sourced from auto-part manufacturers that invest heavily in developing top-tier, pro-spec paddle shifters, so you won’t go wrong with them.

The writing is on the wall for the stick shift. Automakers are making fewer and fewer stick-shift cars because many car owners prefer the convenience of automatic transmissions. Paddle shifters remain a consolation for racers and enthusiasts who want to retain control over the motions of their gearboxes. The automotive industry came alive to the benefits of car paddle shifters in the 1980s when Ferrari started featuring them in their road and race cars.  

Paddle shifters enable you to make gear shifts without taking your hand off the steering wheel. That makes shifting safer and adds convenience to your driving experience. Another obvious benefit is that they enable you to shift gears faster, thus increasing performance. Your stock paddle shifters are built to deliver both of the above benefits. Where they may fail to score full points is in inspiring driver engagement. Through research and development, the manufacturers of our performance-focused paddle shifters have made products that stir excitement and aggression with every shift. They feel more solid and deliver more satisfying shifts thanks to their superior materials and better build quality.


Explore Our Range of Car Paddle Shifters in Australia  

We at CarMods Australia have car paddle shifters for manuals, automated manuals, and automatics. They are available in materials like billet aluminum, motorsport-inspired plastic, or carbon fiber, all of which inspire driving confidence with how they feel. In addition, these products come with a wide variety of designs, engravings, and colors.

All our paddle shifters are guaranteed to fit directly onto your car’s steering wheel without needing modifications. If you want more information, call us at (07) 5649 8778.


Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen when you press one paddle while the other paddle is being held down?

Nothing. The gearbox won’t change gears when it notices such anomalies.


Is it possible to skip gears when downshifting with paddle shifters?

Yes! When rapidly pressed twice, paddle shifters can skip gears when downshifting.


Can aftermarket paddle shifters mess up your vehicle?

No, they pose no danger to your vehicle’s transmission.

8 Products Found

8 Products Found