Upgrade Your Vehicle's Performance with High-Quality Differentials

Are you thinking about significantly boosting your car’s horsepower, or do you want to convert your 2WD vehicle to an all-wheel drive? If so, a differential upgrade should be on your list of planned add-on mods. An aftermarket differential will guarantee maximum wheel traction, even when your engine is developing double or triple its stock horsepower. We at CarMods Australia have your car diffs needs covered, offering many high-quality car/SUV/truck differentials made by established auto-parts manufacturers.

A differential is a set of gears that transfers propulsion power to a vehicle’s drive wheels while enabling them to revolve at different speeds. FWD and RWD vehicles both feature one differential on their drive axles; all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive vehicles have an additional differential that helps to distribute power and torque to both axles.

Because of its role in facilitating the rotation of the drive wheels, your differential determines how effectively your car puts its power down to the road. Differential failure is bound to happen when a car’s engine output is way above the power thresholds its differential(s) are built to handle. Therefore, when you boost or increase your car’s engine output, upgrading your differential(s) is essential.

It would help if you also considered our aftermarket differentials when replacing your stock vehicle’s differential(s). Our differentials are made from highly rigid materials like chrome molybdenum; they are also stouter than most stock differentials, with more robust gears. Therefore, they are bound to last longer and function more effectively.

What Is a Differential and Why Is It Important?

At its core, a differential is a device that allows the wheels of a vehicle to rotate at different speeds. This becomes crucial when your car turns a corner, as the wheels on the outside of the turn must travel a greater distance than those on the inside. Without a differential, this speed difference would result in tire wear and drivetrain damage. The differential allows for smooth, safe turning.

Types of Differentials

  • Open Differential: This is the most common type found in most vehicles. It allows the wheels to spin independently, making it ideal for regular road use. However, it's not the best option for off-road or high-performance driving, as it sends power to the wheel with the least traction.
  • Limited-Slip Differential (LSD): LSDs strike a balance between open and locked differentials. They provide some power to the wheel with better traction while allowing limited slip when needed. LSDs are favored for off-road and high-performance applications.
  • Locking Differential: Locking differentials provide maximum power to both wheels, ensuring equal torque distribution. They are ideal for extreme off-road situations but can be challenging to handle on regular roads.

Differential Car Parts

Understanding the components that make up a differential is essential:

  • Ring and Pinion Gear: These gears are responsible for transferring power from the driveshaft to the differential and, ultimately, the wheels.
  • Spider Gears: These interlocking gears allow the differential to function and enable the wheels to rotate at different speeds.
  • Axles: The axles connect the differential to the wheels and transmit power from the differential to the wheels.

Choosing the Right Differential

Selecting the right differential for your vehicle depends on factors such as:

  • Vehicle Type: Different vehicles require different differentials. Off-road and 4x4 vehicles may benefit from LSDs or locking differentials, while regular road cars typically use open differentials.
  • Driving Conditions: Consider where and how you drive. If you frequently encounter slippery or uneven terrain, LSDs or locking differentials may be beneficial.
  • Performance Goals: High-performance vehicles often opt for LSDs or locking differentials to maximize traction and power distribution.

Explore Our Range of Car Diffs in Australia

We at CarMods Australia pride ourselves in having a vast selection of differentials. Here are some of the types you can find here on our website:

  • Open differentials
  • Limited slip differentials like mechanical clutch LSDs, one-way LSDs, two-way LSDs, and one-and-a-half-way LSDs
  • Locked differentials
  • Torsen & helical differentials
  • Torque vectoring differentials

Our differentials are vehicle-specific and built to OEM specifications. Therefore, rest assured that they will fit onto your drivetrain system’s connections and mounting points perfectly. If you have questions about these products, do not hesitate to contact our modding specialists. You can reach them at (07) 5649 8778.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right differential for my vehicle?

Selecting the correct differential depends on factors such as your vehicle type, driving style, and intended use. Consult our experts for personalized recommendations.

Which type of differential is ideal for regular off-road driving?

Locked differentials are best for off-road driving. They maintain constant wheel speeds and allow up to 100% of the engine’s torque to go to the wheel with the most traction.

What are the leading causes of differential failure?

Lack of differential oil can cause the gears within the differential to grind against each other, resulting in wheel lock and eventual diff failure. The use of the wrong type of oil can also cause differential failure.

How long do aftermarket differentials last?

If well maintained, they can last the life of your car.

323 Products Found

323 Products Found