Suspension Package Deals

So, you have just landed a sweet ride and want to upgrade its handling capabilities but are wondering where to start. If that describes you, you should consider getting the suspension package deals that we have on offer here at Car Mods Australia (CMA).

With them, you’ll be able to buy several suspension mods at a go. Car Mods Australia offers a wide range of high-quality, aftermarket automotive products for all your car modding needs. They all offer great value for your money.


Our suspension package deals bunch together several suspension parts/components (often from one manufacturer) that help to achieve specific tuning objectives. For example, our ‘front and rear sway bar vehicle kits’ which include sway bars, end-links, mounts, braces, bushings, and all accompanying bolts, washers, and  nuts, are great for stiffening your chassis. Our ‘front and rear grip kits’, on the other hand, include lowering springs plus all the components of the front and rear sway bar kits, so they tighten up your chassis, sharpen your car’s handling, and also lower its ride height for better traction. Our suspension package deals also vary in composition depending on the manufacturer.

Our suspension package deals also come in handy when you are not sure about all the parts that you need to fulfill your modding objectives. They include the parts you want as well as the ones you may not have thought of getting.

Another key benefit of our suspension package deals is discounted pricing. The amount of money that you’ll spend on our suspension package deals will be much less than what you would spend if you were to purchase all those products separately.



With over 250,000 top-quality performance suspension parts in stock and counting, CMA offers a wide range of suspension package deals that address all your suspension needs. These suspension package deals are offered by over 200 aftermarket automotive product manufacturers based in Australia and other parts of the world.



One advantage of buying the suspension package deals here at Car Mods Australia is the fact that we put these package deals on sale from time to time, so you can end up spending much less than you initially planned to spend on suspension mods. Also, with CMA, you are assured of many options, all from top-rated automotive product manufacturers.

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127 Products Found