Fuel Rails

You can count on our custom-built, aftermarket fuel rail offerings to satisfy the fuel-supply needs of the thirstiest performance engines.

We at CarMods Australia specialize in mods that make cars go fast. Our vast selection of over 300,000 performance parts and accessories will fully meet your modding needs. We source our car rails only from reputable, time-honored manufacturers. 

A fuel rail is a pipe-like device in an internal combustion engine onto which a car's fuel injectors are attached. This device's purpose is to feed or supply those fuel injectors with fuel from the car's fuel tank as the injectors spray fuel into the car's engine cylinders for combustion. On one side, it connects to the car's fuel pressure regulator, which restricts the fuel pressure within it to a preset level. It is wise to consider getting an aftermarket fuel rail if your car's fuel demands are rising. If you have made minor fuel system upgrades like stepping up to factory turbo fuel injectors, your car's stock fuel rail may be capable of coping with your car's fuel needs. However, if you have made more significant modifications to your engine and fuel system that demand even more fuel, you ought to get a performance-spec fuel rail like the ones we have here.

Explore Our Range of Car Fuel Rails Online in Australia 

Our custom-built, aftermarket fuel rails are made from high-quality materials like 6061 aluminium. Therefore, they are robust enough to withstand high-horsepower applications' fuel pressure/volume demands and are also compatible with all fuel types. Our car rails may also include additional seats for other injectors or accessories like fuel pulse dampers. In addition, they are available in many sleek and sporty designs and can be had in various colors. Our car rails have also been anodized for a durable, attractive finish, so they will improve your engine bay's look.  

Car Mods Australia's fuel rails come with the bolts, spacers, and plugs you need to install. Call us at (7) 5610 2123 to learn more about these accessories. Our specialists will gladly tell you more based on your specifications and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my fuel rail is bad?

You may notice a strong smell of fuel in the cabin when your fuel rail is bad due to fuel leaks. You may also see poorer performance and that the car uses more fuel than it usually does. 


What causes a fuel rail to leak?

Common causes of a fuel rail leak are improper insertion of the fuel injectors into the rail and issues with the O-rings that serve as a seal to prevent fuel leakage. So, if your fuel rail is leaking, it could be a missing O-ring, a defective fuel injector, a pitched or rolled O-ring, or a misaligned fuel injector. If you notice signs of leaking, ensure you get the rail examined or replaced. 


What are the benefits of upgrading my fuel rail?

A fuel rail upgrade with a bigger interior diameter will allow more fuel to flow into your car's engine, thus facilitating the production of more horsepower. You can also get a fuel rail upgrade similar to your stock unit's interior diameter. Aftermarket fuel rail upgrades also allow the addition of accessories like a fuel pressure sensor or a nitrous line. 

People Also Ask

Can my fuel rail get clogged?

Yes, older fuel rails can get clogged. Like other fuel system parts, fuel rails are susceptible to clogging due to dirt, sediment, and carbon buildup. It is essential to check your fuel rails for clogging if your engine misfires or doesn't start.  


What affects fuel rail pressure?

Several things affect fuel rail pressure. The most common are:

●      Too much or too little fuel

●      A bad fuel pump 

●      A restricted fuel line

●      A leak in the fuel line

●      A bad fuel pressure regulator 

These obstacles can result in high or low fuel pressure. 


What is the best car fuel rail material? 

Car rails are made from various materials. But the most common is stainless steel with a special surface finish for durability and wear resistance. Others are made from plastic or a mix of plastic and stainless steel, supplying low weight and resistance. The best material is rigid and highly resistant. It prolongs the lifespan of the rail, saving you from too frequent replacements. 


What happens when the fuel rail sensor fails?

The fuel rail sensor monitors the fuel pressure present at the rail. When it fails, the sensor can upset the air-fuel ratio and trigger performance issues. You may note decreased power, acceleration, stalling, and fuel efficiency. It is important to ensure that the fuel rail sensor works well.  

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271 Products Found