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Your car engine sensors play a major part in the operation of your car’s engine. The failure of even the most basic engine sensor can significantly impair your engine’s functionality.

If you want to buy sensors online, CarMods Australia has you covered. We specialize in OEM/aftermarket automotive parts and products of all types. Our selection includes over 250,000 automotive products from established manufacturers worldwide, so you can count on us to meet your engine sensor needs. 

Modern-day car engines are controlled by complex engine management systems that rely heavily on car engine sensors. The sensors use mobile connectivity and artificial intelligence to capture and relay information on the functioning of different engine systems and components to the engine management system (ECU). When a car sensor relays information on a malfunction, the ECU attempts to adjust the engine’s operation to rectify the problem. When that fails to work, the ECU sends a warning message to the driver.       

Our car engine sensors have been painstakingly developed using high-grade materials and tested circuits. Some of them even come with warranties. Therefore, rest assured that they will function as reliably as your stock car sensors.   

Explore Our Range of Car Engine Sensors in Australia  

We have a comprehensive selection of engine sensor upgrades for vehicles of different types, makes, and models. They are developed to OEM specifications, so they are sure to fit your car. Our car engine sensors include air-fuel ratio meters, engine speed sensors, camshaft/crankshaft position sensors, knock sensors, MAP sensors, fuel pressure sensors, and Oxygen/O2/Lambda sensors.

Another advantage of choosing to buy sensors online at CarMods Australia is that our experience modding specialists will guide you through the process of replacing your car sensor. You can reach them at (07) 5649 8778.  


Frequently Asked Questions 

Can a car continue functioning with a failed engine sensor?

Yes, but the engine will not run as well as it should. If left unattended, the sensor failure may lead to other parts of your car’s engine malfunctioning. 


How long does a car engine sensor last?

They can last between 50,000-60,000 miles or 5-7 years. 


How can I know when my engine sensors are failing?

One key sign is an illuminated or flashing check-engine light. Other signs include rough idling, poor fuel economy, lackluster engine performance, dark exhaust fumes, and failed smog tests.  

721 Products Found

721 Products Found

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Temp Sensor 1/8PT

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