Car Air Oil Separator Systems

Engine blow-by may not be that much of an issue when your car is in stock form, but it can affect your engine’s performance and longevity when you start spending more time with your car at your local track.

An air oil separator can help to keep blow-by oil from getting sucked back into your engine. We at Car Mods Australia have a wide range of air oil separators and water oil separators for sale that can solve your engine’s blow-by issues effectively. In addition to our oil separator systems, we have over 300,000 automotive products of other kinds in stock, all developed with the needs of Australia’s vehicles in mind.    

Blow-by can be defined as the gases in an engine’s combustion chambers (air, fuel, and moisture) that escape past its piston rings and into its crankcase. These gases escape when the piston rings aren’t well sealed or not a good fit; they are also bound to escape when your engine’s cylinder walls widen and pistons become smaller with age and wear. All petrol or diesel-oriented engines have some level of blow-by, but performance-car engines tend to have more because of the higher engine loads they have to handle. As the pressurized blow-by rushes through your engine’s crankcase, it picks up oil vapor from the oil in the crankcase. Because most street-legal cars are designed to reroute engine blow-by back into their inlet manifolds, that oil vapor can end up building up on the walls of your car intake manifold and engine cylinders. When that happens, the oil can cause improper detonation and the lowering of your fuel’s overall octane rating. Also, by coating the air intake, the oil can clog airflow into the engine.

Our oil separator systems are designed to prevent that. They channel the oil-infused blow-by through condensing material that separates the oil from the gases. They then drain the oil into the engine’s oil pan while venting the cleaned air out to the atmosphere or back to the engine’s air inlet pipe.


Explore Our Range of Car Air Oil Separator Systems Online in Australia

We at Car Mods Australia take pride in our vast selection of air oil separators and water oil separators for sale. They are of varying capacities and come with all the hardware required to complete the installation, e.g., hose fittings, hose connectors, zip ties, fuel hoses, stainless steel clamps, etc. These oil separator systems are also built tough from highly rigid materials that can withstand the pressure demands of the most aggressive high-performance powertrain setups.

Our modding specialists are on hand to offer guidance when choosing an air oil separator for your application. You can reach them at (07) 5649 8778.


Frequently Asked Questions

What causes air oil separators to fail?  

Excessive intake vacuum pressure can rupture its diaphragm.

Does an air oil separator require maintenance?    

Unlike catch cans, air oil separators do not need to be drained periodically.



504 Products Found

504 Products Found