Premium Wastegates for Enhanced Turbo and Supercharger Performance

At Car Mods Australia, we understand the critical role that wastegates play in the performance of turbocharged vehicles. An external wastegate is a standalone valve that controls the flow of exhaust gases away from the turbocharger, helping to regulate the turbo's boost pressure. This type of wastegate is essential for high-performance applications where precise boost control is necessary. External wastegates, due to their separate configuration, offer superior boost control and are capable of handling higher pressure levels compared to internal wastegates. This makes them an ideal choice for serious enthusiasts and professional racers who demand the best from their turbo systems.

Unleashing the Power of External Wastegates

Few things are as unsettling as an engine that stumbles and surges with oscillating boost pressure. If that describes your current predicament, it may be time to replace your factory internal wastegate (or waist gate, wastgate, or wast gate).

Instead of replacing it with another OEM wastegate, why not buy an external wastegate here at CarMods Australia? We at CarMods Australia have some of the best turbo external wastegate options on the market, all at competitive prices.

A wastegate (or waist gate, wastgate, or wast gate) is a device that helps to control boost pressure. Turbocharged cars come with internal wastegates from the factory that are built into the housings of their turbos. When the flow of the exhaust gases that spin their turbocharger turbines reaches certain levels, these internal wastegates open their by-pass valves to re-route excess exhaust gases back to the exhaust system. When everything is stock, factory internal wastegates are sufficient. However, when you add mods that crank up boost levels, they are unlikely to cope.

That’s where our aftermarket external wastegates come in. They are mounted between the up and down pipe of a car’s exhaust system, so they are entirely separate from your car’s turbo. External wastegates deliver two main advantages:

  • More flow: These aftermarket external wastegates are built with higher boost pressure thresholds than those of OEM wastegates, so they are ideal for tuned street/road-going or all-out track-focused race cars.
  • Better boost control: It comes standard with a middle spring, but you can also switch that spring with another. For example, using 5psi, 7psi, or 10psi springs, some wastegates can enable you to realize base boost pressures of 5 psi, 7 psi, 10 psi, 12 psi, 15 psi, 17 psi, or 22psi.

Turbo Wastegate: The Key to Efficient Boost Management

A turbo wastegate is fundamental in preventing the over-speeding of the turbocharger and protecting your engine from potential damage. It works by bypassing some of the exhaust gases away from the turbo's turbine wheel, thereby controlling the speed of the wheel and the amount of boost produced. This not only safeguards the engine but also ensures that the turbocharger operates within its optimal range, providing a consistent and reliable performance.

Internal Wastegate: Integrated Efficiency

Many modern turbocharged vehicles come equipped with an internal wastegate. This type of wastegate is built into the turbocharger unit and offers a compact and cost-effective solution to boost control. While internal wastegates are generally sufficient for stock or lightly modified vehicles, they may not be able to cope with the demands of more heavily modified engines or those seeking maximum performance. However, for everyday drivers and those with moderate performance goals, an internal wastegate provides a balanced solution that combines efficiency with performance.

Turbo External Wastegate: Maximizing Performance

For those looking to push their vehicles to the limit, a turbo external wastegate is the way to go. By opting for an external wastegate, you gain greater control over your turbo's boost pressure, allowing for more aggressive tuning and higher performance levels. External wastegates are particularly beneficial for heavily modified engines or those used in racing applications. They provide the precision and durability needed to handle extreme boost pressures and the rigors of high-performance driving.

Choosing the Right Wastegate for Your Turbocharged Vehicle

Selecting the right wastegate is crucial for achieving the desired performance from your turbocharged vehicle. At Car Mods Australia, we offer a wide range of both internal and external wastegates to suit various needs and applications. Our team of experts can help you determine the best wastegate for your vehicle, taking into account your performance goals, the level of modification, and the specific requirements of your turbo system.

Explore Our Range of Car Wastegates in Australia

We at CarMods Australia have both mechanical and electronic wastegates. They are made from rigid, high-grade materials that can withstand intense heat and extreme boost pressures, e.g., chromium-nickel stainless steel or billet 6061 aluminum. They have been CNC machined to guarantee a perfect fit.

These wastegates are also packaged with all the accessories you will need to complete the installation, e.g., flanges, valve seats, clamp assemblies, blanking plugs, or vacuum nipples. Call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778 if you want more information about these products.

Whether you're looking for an external wastegate for your high-performance race car or an internal wastegate for your street vehicle, Car Mods Australia has the solution. Our selection of turbo wastegates is designed to meet the needs of all types of drivers, from casual enthusiasts to professional racers. Explore our range today and take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of your turbocharged vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use an external wastegate on a car with a turbo that has an internal wastegate?

Yes, you can, but you’ll first have to block off the internal flapper of the stock wastegate, e.g., by welding it shut.

Is it possible for a turbo system to function without a turbo external wastegate?

In theory, it is possible if a turbo reaches its maximum turbine speed at your engine’s maximum RPM. However, this seldom happens, so it is safer to install a wastegate.

What is the difference between an external wastegate and an internal wastegate?

An external wastegate is a separate component installed in the exhaust system, offering precise control over boost pressure, especially in high-performance setups. An internal wastegate, on the other hand, is built into the turbocharger and is more common in standard vehicle applications. It offers a compact and cost-effective solution but may not handle high boost pressures as effectively as an external wastegate.

How does a turbo external wastegate improve performance?

A turbo external wastegate allows for more accurate control of the exhaust flow from the turbocharger, helping to maintain optimal boost pressure. This leads to improved engine performance, better throttle response, and can prevent issues like turbo lag and boost creep in high-performance vehicles.

Can I install an external wastegate on any turbocharged engine?

Yes, most turbocharged engines can be fitted with an external wastegate. However, the installation process may vary depending on the specific engine and turbo setup. It's important to choose the right size and type of wastegate for your vehicle's needs and to ensure professional installation for optimal performance.

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222 Products Found