Your brakes and drivetrain provide your vehicle with its push and pull. These contrasting but equally important systems are responsible for transmitting and controlling the power from your engine all the way to your tyres. Car Mods Australia (CMA) specialises in brake and drivetrain parts to improve your control and connection on the road. A robust engine is not enough in isolation; you need to ensure the efficient transmission and control of power from the engine to the wheels.

Your brakes are responsible for limiting power through the process of damping, and your drivetrain is responsible for controlling your ride through the process of coupling. The power produced by your engine needs to connect through your drivetrain to the wheels and, ultimately, to the road. This connection is made possible by physically linking multiple vehicle components. Your brakes are a separate system that functions alongside your drivetrain in order to absorb energy from this moving system.

The operating speed of your engine is matched to the rotational speed of the wheels through its transmission system. Different gear ratios are used to enable smooth and consistent speed changes. Manual and automatic transmission systems are both available, with CMA offering access to more than 1,700 brake and drivetrain components. We offer a huge range of vehicle parts to maintain and modify your car, including brake line kits, transmission mounts, rotors, bushing kits, brake pads, adjustable shifters, and more.

Large Range of Brake and Drivetrain Parts

At CMA, we keep a huge selection of parts in stock at all times. We have over 250,000 automotive products at our local warehouse, with products delivered across Australia using TNT, TOLL IPEC, and Australia Post. We offer brake and drivetrain parts for a wide selection of vehicles and transmission types, from manual transmission systems to automatic cars, front-wheel drives, and 4WD vehicles. Our entire product range is reliable, affordable, and made to meet the demands of the aftermarket automotive industry.

Brake products include brake lines, brake pads, brake cylinder stoppers, brake adapters, and more. Transmission products include drivetrain packages, clutch parts, gearbox components, and shifters and bushings of all shapes and sizes. Along with brakes and drivetrains, we also specialise in parts for engines, suspension systems, exhausts, cooling systems, interior and exterior parts, engine dress ups, oil systems, hoses and fittings, and fuel systems.

The CMA Difference

At Car Mods Australia, we provide professional automotive products and services for mechanics and car enthusiasts across Australia. With multiple product categories and more than 200 recognised brands, our selection of car parts and tools is impossible to beat. If you need advice about a particular vehicle or automotive system, our friendly support staff are available to answer all your questions.

Whether you're looking for a single part or modifying your entire vehicle, we have the experience and expertise to ensure the success of your automotive project. CMA is the trusted brake and drivetrain specialists in Australia. Our impressive selection of products is only matched by our dedication and friendly customer support. If you need to find the perfect part for your next project, please browse our extensive range or contact our support team.

Frenquently Asked Questions

How often should I change my brake pads?

It really depends on a few various factors. The quality of brakes is one, the environment they are being driven in and the habits of the driver can all influence
how long the brake pads last. If you find your brakes are squeaking its best to have your mechanic check over them or get them replaced as soon as possible.

Why do my brakes vibrate when I slow down?

Vibrating brakes are often occurs when the rotors are warped. This can happen if they are old or have been through extreme abuse and become overheated. This causes
the rotor to not be perfectly flat, and when the pads press against them it will cause a shuttering affect. While your car can brake with warped rotors it is best to have them replaced as it will effect the length of time for your car to slow down and be a
major safety concern.

11166 Products Found

11166 Products Found