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Whatever the make and model of your car, Car Mods Australia has a wide range of catalytic converters available. If you need to fit a new catalytic converter to your car exhaust, you’ll find great quality products from top brands with the best prices guaranteed at our online shop.

Catalytic converters are an important part of your car. Your exhaust produces carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitric oxide as the result of the internal combustion in the engine, but a catalytic converter will reduce the harmful emissions. It does this by converting these gases into carbon dioxide, water vapour, nitrogen and oxygen, which are all present in the air already.

Along with having a harmful effect on the environment, a damaged converter can significantly impact your car's performance. It can lead to a blocked exhaust, which results in engine damage if left without replacement or repair.

Do you have a modified or turbocharged vehicle? Browse our selection of specialist high-flow catalytic converters tailored to meet the demands of extra airflow from powerful engines.

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The Importance of Quality Catalytic Converters in Modern Vehicles

In today's automotive world, the emphasis on reducing environmental impact is greater than ever. This is where the catalytic converter, a crucial component of the exhaust system, plays a pivotal role. A vehicle's catalytic converter is designed to transform harmful emissions produced during combustion into less harmful gases before they exit the exhaust.

When considering an upgrade or replacement for your vehicle's catalytic converter, it's essential to choose a product that not only meets regulatory standards but also enhances the overall performance of your car. At Car Mods Australia, we understand the significance of a high-quality catalytic converter. Our range is curated to ensure that every product offers optimal conversion of pollutants and durability to withstand the rigors of daily driving.

For those with performance-enhanced or turbocharged vehicles, the need for a robust and efficient catalytic converter is even more pronounced. These vehicles produce a higher volume of exhaust gases, and a standard converter might not be sufficient. That's why we offer specialized high-flow catalytic converters designed to handle the increased output while ensuring that emission standards are met.

Furthermore, a well-functioning catalytic converter can also contribute to better fuel efficiency. By ensuring that exhaust gases flow smoothly and harmful pollutants are minimized, the engine can operate more efficiently, leading to potential savings at the fuel pump.



Not sure what is in a catalytic converter? In a nutshell, it’s a large filter placed inside the exhaust system of a petrol engine to convert harmful gases produced during the combustion cycle of the engine into ones that can safely be released. Catalytic converters work by passing the gases through the dense honeycomb structure of the CAT to flow over the catalyst. This is where chemical reactions take place to break down the pollutants, change their structure and convert them efficiently into gases that already exist in the air around us, such as nitrogen and water vapour.


Most vehicles in Australia are fitted with one catalytic converter. They were introduced here in 1986 to help clean up the gases produced by petrol engines. Usually, cars will have a single converter fitted inside the exhaust system. However, some cars with dual exhaust systems will require two cat converters, and a handful of specialist vehicles may even need more than two to meet legal emissions standards.


The answer to the question "what is a catalytic converter?" can be explained through its three main functions. Most importantly, it filters out the harmful byproducts in the exhaust gases and turns them into safer emissions. It does this in 2 ways: oxidation (adding oxygen molecules) and reduction (removing it). This means that it also protects the environment by stopping these pollutants from being released into the atmosphere. Thirdly, it improves your car's efficiency.

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26 Products Found