It is not enough for a car to have abundant horsepower; if its suspension system does not match its performance, it will struggle to put that power to the ground and be hard to control.

Therefore, buying car suspension system upgrades is just as critical as purchasing powertrain upgrades when modding a car for higher performance or track use. We at Car Mods Australia are car suspension specialists. We have helped many performance enthusiasts and professional racecar drivers get top-rated, aftermarket car suspension components. Our selection of performance suspension components is vast, so you are sure to find the ones your project car needs.  

Your car’s suspension comprises all the components that connect its chassis to its wheels, so it includes all the parts that contend with vibrations, shocks, sway, bounce, roll, and pitch motions when you are driving. These components include shock absorbers, springs, sway/anti-roll bars, sway bar mounts, end links, braces, bushings, and all other related parts. Your stock car suspension components are matched to its stock performance; they are also designed to be most efficient in moderate driving. Therefore, getting the right car suspension upgrades for your boosted or tuned car is in your best interests.   

Because choosing a car suspension component setup that matches your tuning objectives may be confusing, we at Car Mods Australia have made it easy for you. Being car suspension specialists, we have put together suspension package deals that cater to different objectives, e.g., front and rear grip kits for enhanced traction or front and rear sway kits for sharper handling. Our suspension package deals are worth considering because they include parts/components you may not have otherwise thought of purchasing to fulfill your tuning objective.


Explore Our Range of Car Suspensions Online in Australia  

Our car suspension package includes front and rear sway kits, front and rear grip kits, front vehicle essential kits, rear vehicle essential kits, front and rear end-link combos, lift/leveling kits, strut bar packages, control arm/radius/strut rod kits, and more. Also, because they come as packages, they have discount pricing. Therefore, you won’t regret choosing to buy car suspension deals here at Car Mods Australia.   

Our car suspension specialists are on hand to answer any questions about these products. You can reach them at (07) 5649 8778. When you make your order, it will be processed immediately. Expect to get it within 1-5 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can performance car suspension kits void my car’s warranty?

It depends on how much the car suspension kit alters your car’s suspension geometry. For example, a strut bar package is less likely to void your car’s warranty than a lowering spring kit.

Can I install the car suspension kits on my own?

All these kits and packages come with detailed instructions on installing them, so if you have the right tools and know your way around your car’s suspension system, you can install them. However, if you are unsure how to do it, seek the help of professional auto technicians.

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21607 Products Found