Short Shifters

If you are thinking about shortening the time it takes for your manual car to hit 100 km/h, you have probably considered an engine swap or upgrades like a turbo kit or performance exhaust system.

These are great, but there’s yet another mod that can deliver the same without setting you back by much – a short throw shifter. You can count on getting some of the best short throw shifters on the Australian market here at CarMods Australia. We have been selling short shifters for years, so we know the products that deliver the best value.

One short throw shifter benefit is that it shortens the distance between throws; some short shifters are said to reduce that distance by up to 70 percent. You will row through the gears faster with shorter throws, thus increasing performance.

Shorter and quicker throws also make for a more engaging driving experience, so you can make your daily driver more fun to drive with one of our short throw shifters. Another plus you get with short throw shifters is improved appearance. A short shifter looks sporty and can be had in various vibrant designs and colors, so it is sure to enhance your cabin’s look.

However, because a shorter shifter does not have as much of a momentum advantage as a standard shifter, you will use more effort to push it into gear.


Explore Our Range of Car Short Shifters in Australia  

CarMods Australia has a wide range of short shifters sourced from established and well-reputed auto-part manufacturers. They include adjustable and non-adjustable shifters made from solid, corrosion-resilient materials like Chromium Molybdenum Steel.

Our short throw shifters are also packaged with their installation instructions and all the hardware you will require to install them. Expect to spend 20-30 minutes installing them. If you need more information about these products, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch back to a stock shifter after installing a short shifter?

Yes, you can.


Do short throw shifters damage transmissions?

No. A well-built shifter will not damage your transmission.

102 Products Found

102 Products Found