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If you are in the market for performance fuel injectors, shop right here at CarMods Australia.

Before deciding which fuel injectors to buy, you need to have a clear picture of your car’s fuel delivery system. Instead of increasing your car’s performance or fuel economy, you can easily make things worse if you upgrade it with just any aftermarket fuel injectors. Ideally, the right time to consider getting car fuel injector upgrades for your vehicle is when your stock fuel injectors run way above their default 80 percent load level. When you add modifications that cause the engine to take in more air than before, your stock fuel injectors may fail to deliver enough fuel even when running at 100 percent load. That’s when a set of performance fuel injectors comes in handy. However an air/fuel ratio gauge can help you know whether your car’s engine is running lean and by how much. With that information, you can match the needs of your car’s fuel delivery system with the proper car fuel injector upgrades.       

Explore Our Range of Fuel Injectors in Australia

We at CarMods Australia pride ourselves on having one of Australia's most comprehensive selections of Australian-made and imported aftermarket fuel injectors online. We also sell the additional fuel system mods that you may have to guarantee the efficiency of the fuel injectors, e.g., fuel pumps. Our fuel injectors are of the following types:

  • Direct fuel injectors
  • Sequential fuel injectors
  • Port or multipoint fuel injectors
  • Single-point/throttle body fuel injectors

If you are unsure which fuel injector type to choose for your car, call our experienced modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778. They will advise you on the best fuel injector options for your application.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Will I need to do an ECU remap after installing the fuel injectors?

Yes. The remap will enable the ECU to adjust the opening and closing of the fuel injectors to match the needs of your engine and the capabilities of your fuel injector upgrades.   


Do fuel injectors increase horsepower?

Yes. Depending on your engine and the upgrades you have added, you can achieve a power increase of even over 20HP with the correct fuel injectors.


Do bigger fuel injectors translate to greater horsepower?

Not always. If they fail to match the needs of your car’s engine, they may even worsen it.



How can I know when my fuel injectors are malfunctioning?

The common symptoms of faulty or malfunctioning fuel injectors include rough idling, engine misfiring, fuel leaks, and the flashing or solid illumination of your check engine light.


How long do fuel injectors last?

Performance fuel injectors can last even up to 100,000 miles.

655 Products Found

655 Products Found