Radium Engineering

Building and designing high-performance, aftermarket fuel systems and all the parts and accessories that go with them is an art that Radium Engineering has perfected since 2010.

With their sharp understanding of how fuel flow helps to create more horsepower, they develop fuel system parts and accessories that deliver fuel to the injectors with more than enough pressure and volume. They have a thorough research and development department that designs their fuel system parts and accessories through computer simulation and modeling, and all their parts and accessories are also extensively tested in real-world applications to ensure that their customers get reliable and durable parts and accessories. Today, Radium Engineering supplies performance parts and accessories to enthusiasts and professional racers/racing teams all around the world. Radium Engineering’s primary focus is in developing fuel surge tanks and PCV oil catch can systems.     


Here are some of the Radium Engineering products that you can get here at CarMods Australia:


Universal Catch Cans

In helping to prevent oil buildup in the throttle body, intercooler, and intake, Radium Engineering’s Universal Catch Cans help to raise octane and increase engine performance while also lowering hydrocarbon emissions.  They are made from 6061 Billet Aluminum for assured durability.


Universal Fuel Surge Tanks

Radium Engineering’s Universal Fuel Surge Tanks are especially useful on vehicles with insufficient fuel tank baffling; they feed the fuel rails, helping to prevent fuel starvation to the engine. Each fuel surge tank incorporates a single internal fuel pump and a fuel pressure regulator. Also, these Fuel Surge Tanks are made from CNC anodized aluminum, with interfaces sealed with O-rings.   


High Flow Fuel Filters

Radium Engineering’s High Flow Fuel Filters are made from 6061 aluminum and Type-II anodized aluminum, and can be used with E85, alcohol, and other race fuels. They effectively filter out dirt, debris, and contaminants without inhibiting fuel flow; they allow high fuel pressures of over150psi.

These high-flow fuel filters have a 3 piece body with different filtration element options, i.e. cellulose paper, micro-fiberglass, fine stainless steel, and coarse stainless steel. 


Other Radium Engineering products that you can get here at CarMods Australia include fuel pressure gauges, fuel pulse damper kits, fuel rail upgrade kits, fuel pressure regulators, venture jet pump kits, fuel system fittings and hose ends, and many more. CarMods Australia is a licensed vendor of Radium Engineering products, so you can count on us to supply you with all the Radium Engineering products you want. If you are not sure about which Radium Engineering product(s) that you want, call (07) 5649 8778 and talk to our modding specialists. 

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