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Discover the range of catback exhaust systems to boost your engine’s performance and give you better fuel mileage. No matter what make or model you drive, you’ll find the right catback for the job in our collection.  

Shop all exhausts at Car Mods Australia and see why we’re the choice for Aussie car modders who love their vehicle. As well as catbacks, we have turbo backs, downpipes, axle backs, exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, engine backs, exhaust tubing, mid pipes and more. If you’re not sure which catback is right for you, our team is happy to help. Chat to us and we’ll give you a hand. 


What does a catback exhaust do?

The hint here is in the name. A catback exhaust refers to anything that sits behind the catalytic converter in the exhaust system. This can include the pipe that runs from the catalytic converter to the muffler, the tailpipe and the exhaust tips. A catback exhaust system will control your horsepower and the sound your engine makes when used. 

What are the benefits of a catback exhaust?

An aftermarket catback exhaust system is popular among car modders because it boosts performance and gives you better fuel mileage. 

Investing in an aftermarket catback exhaust with a larger diameter muffler, mid pipe and tailpipe can improve airflow, which means your engine doesn't need to work as hard to eliminate exhaust fumes. The reduced resistance minimises the engine's load, leading to less fuel consumption and more kilometres to the litre. Replacing your stock exhaust with a quality catback alternative means you can control the sound of your engine and its performance, allowing you to get the most out of your engine.  

How long do catback exhausts last?

Because there are so many unique factors to consider, it’s hard to estimate exactly how long a catback will last on your car. Depending on the climate of the region you live in, the type of driving you do, whether you’re driving off-road, on highways or around cities, the mileage you get out of a catback exhaust can vary considerably. 

However, a good rule of thumb is 2-3 years. Rest assured, the quality catback exhausts in our collection are from reputable aftermarket manufacturers and are built to last for as long as possible. 

Why should I buy my catchback exhaust from Car Mods Australia?

Because we only stock the highest quality aftermarket catbacks from trusted global manufacturers, you can shop online with Car Mods Australia in total confidence.

2099 Products Found

2099 Products Found

2.5in Cat-Back Exhaust - Twin-Tip (Impreza 94-07)


2.5in Cat-Back Exhaust - Twin-Tip (Impreza 94-07)

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