Whiteline is renowned the world over for its proficiency in developing handling-enhancing components for racers, custom car builders, and enthusiasts who may want to upgrade their cars.

Being true to its ‘Activate More Grip’ slogan, Whiteline offers a range of innovative performance suspension components that are highly effective in improving traction for sharper handling and performance; they also enhance vehicle stability and steering precision. In addition to its popular adjustable swaybars, stabilizer bars, and anti-roll bars, Whiteline also manufactures handling kits, lowering springs, coilovers, alignment products, chassis bracing, and chassis control bushing kits. 



Adjustable Sway Bars

Most factory or OEM sway bars have only one setting, but the Whiteline adjustable sway bars offer from 2 up to 4 adjustment points, making it possible for you to have up to 10 different stiffness settings. They are made from high grade Australian spring steel and they come with straight-forward DIY mounting kits, so you can easily mount these bars onto your car.


Swaybars and Anti-Roll Bars

The Whiteline Swaybars and Anti-Roll Bars are designed to reduce sway or body roll, so they are great for race-car applications or for enthusiasts who want to sharpen the cornering capabilities of their cars.


Lowering Springs

The Whiteline Lowering Springs lower the ride height of your car, giving it a lower center of gravity for enhanced stability and better aerodynamics. These springs are also stiffer than factory or OEM springs, so they transfer less weight when you brake or accelerate. This makes for tighter cornering and quicker stops. The White line Lowering Springs are made in Europe with the highest quality materials, and they are designed to perfectly fit with OEM shocks.   



The innovatively designed Whiteline Bushings are made from an advanced, highly durable synthetic elastomer that delivers superior elasticity. They reduce vibrations, helping to improve handling precision.



Chassis bracing is an effective way of reducing body/chassis flex. The Whiteline strut bars, strut braces, and strut tower bars have been purposely designed to help improve your car’s structural rigidity for better performance.



Whiteline also manufactures top quality ball joints, camber and caster bolts, control arms, trailing arms, strut mounts, and several other alignment products.     

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