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If you are looking for a way to significantly improve your car's performance while maintaining OEM fitment, buy turbo kits online. CarMods Australia is the arguably best online marketplace for turbo kits Australia.

Our turbocharger kits consist of turbochargers and all the accompanying parts and components that help them function optimally when installed onto vehicles. They are designed to replace OEM parts directly, so you won't have to make any custom modifications to accommodate them.

A turbocharger forces air into an engine's cylinders using a great deal of pressure, which results in the production of more power. It should be installed by a professional engine tuner or someone well-versed in the turbo kit installation process.

We at CarMods Australia have been selling turbo kits for decades, so our modding specialists are vastly experienced in installing or troubleshooting them. If you want any information about that or if you want to know how you can buy turbo kits Australia, call us at (07) 5649 8778.


Explore Our Range of Turbo Kits in Australia

Our petrol and diesel turbocharger kits are available in single-turbo, twin-turbo, or twin-scroll turbo kit options. They include an intercooler designed to cool the compressed air discharged from a turbocharger before it enters the engine. The turbo comes with the intake piping that connects the engine air filter to the turbo's intake port and the intercooler to the engine's intake manifold. Depending on its manufacturer and specification, a turbo kit may also include an exhaust manifold assembly, a downpipe, oil/coolant supply lines, gaskets, brackets, bolts, a blow-off valve, and an oil reservoir tank.  

Also worth noting is that our turbo kits are made by established aftermarket auto-part manufacturers that all have reputations for producing reliable, high-grade products. Many of these turbo kits also come with manufacturer warranties.


Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Will a turbo kit affect your engine's reliability?

Today's automakers are putting more money into making their turbocharged engines reliable. Therefore, adding an entry-level turbo kit is unlikely to compromise such an engine's reliability severely. However, the more aggressive the turbo kit, the harder you will make your turbo engine work, so expect to replace engine parts more often if you have such a setup.    


  1. Are turbo kits universal, or do I have to choose one specific to my vehicle's model?

While there are vehicle-specific turbo kits sold commercially for many car models, it is worth mentioning that you can add practically any turbo kit to any engine if you have an understanding of all the required compressor maps, turbine wheel sizes, and turbine housing A/R ratios.


  1. Is it okay to install a turbo kit onto a stock engine?

Yes, you can considerably boost the output of your vehicle's stock engine when you add a turbo kit.

94 Products Found

94 Products Found