Exhaust Adapters

Our exhaust adapters can help you to repair or build a custom exhaust system. They make it easy for you to connect or join your exhaust pipes to other pipes of different sizes.

We at CarMods Australia have all the exhaust adapters your vehicle may need, all provided by established and time-honoured Australian car accessory manufacturers. We also offer over 300,000 other automotive parts and accessories.        

Without rust treatment, stock/factory-installed exhaust pipes can rust through over time as they get continuously exposed to heat, mud, grime, and road salt. Because of that, you may have to replace sections of exhaust piping occasionally. Exhaust adapters and reducers can help you to seamlessly connect the new piping with the rest of the exhaust system. If you need to connect two sections of exhaust piping with similar outer diameters, we have exhaust adapters designed for that, some complete with reinforced gaskets, bolts, and flanges. We also have adapters you can use when adding larger, aftermarket piping or components to your car's exhaust system, e.g., when you want to connect a 2-inch h-pipe to a 2.5-inch muffler.   

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Our exhaust adapters and reducers are fashioned from rust-resistant steel or aluminium for guaranteed durability and are available in various sizes and adaptations. They are all vehicle specific, meaning that they are designed to perfectly fit the exhaust pipe/component dimensions of the car for which they are intended. In addition, with CarMods Australia's exhaust adapters and reducers, you are guaranteed leak-free connections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can someone connect exhaust pipes of the same outside diameter (O.D.) using exhaust adapters without welding?

For example, if you are connecting two 2.5-inch outside diameter (O.D.) exhaust pipes, use a standard 2.5-inch inside diameter (I.D.) exhaust adapter that is similarly sized on both ends. Before sliding in the pipes, dab the inner walls of the adapter with an appropriate adhesive on both sides. After that, slide the backs of those pipes into the adapter; the result ought to be strong lap joints on both sides. You can then use a saddle or band clamp to secure those joints.


Do pipe connections made using exhaust adapters last for long?

Yes, they do. Most of our exhaust adapters use aluminium or stainless steel that doesn't rust or corrode easily, even when exposed to a lot of heat. Therefore, you can count on the joints formed using these adapters to last many years.


Why might you need to reduce or increase the size of your car's exhaust pipes?

Custom exhaust systems with pipes that are too big can consume significant portions of an engine's power and torque, resulting in lower driving speeds. Having exhaust pipe diameters that are too small is also not a good thing because such pipes restrict exhaust fumes from exiting the engine, causing back pressure to build up to dangerous levels. Exhaust adapters can help correct both instances by connecting your exhaust pipes to either larger or smaller exhaust pipe upgrades.


What People Also Ask?


What are the advantages of increasing your exhaust pipe diameter?

When you use exhaust adapters to connect your car's exhaust pipe to a larger aftermarket pipe, you reduce restrictions to the flow of exhaust fumes, causing them to flow out faster. This reduces backpressure and enables the engine to make more horsepower and torque. A wider exhaust pipe diameter will also result in enhanced exhaust sounds.


Are stainless steel exhaust adapters better than those made from aluminum?

Exhaust pipes are exposed to many stress factors like vibrations, exhaust gas pressure, heat, or damage when hit by projectiles or objects on the ground. So the best material for exhaust pipes holds up best to all the above. Research has shown that 6061-T6 aluminium exhibits higher yield strength than 304 or 321 stainless steel at temperatures below 300F. When temperatures exceed 300F, aluminum becomes substantially weaker than both forms of stainless steel. Therefore, it is best to restrict the use aluminium exhaust adapters on moderately modified, road-going vehicles. High-horsepower, track-tuned cars need stainless steel exhaust adapters because their exhaust system temperatures can go up to 800-1000 degrees Fahrenheit.


What is the best diameter for your car's exhaust pipes?

There is one general rule of thumb used when determining the most appropriate custom exhaust pipe diameter, which is that you ought to add one additional inch of total pipe diameter across your car's exhaust system for every extra 100 horsepower your engine generates. For example, a 250-300 cubic inch (ci) engine with 250 horsepower should have a 2.5-inch single-pipe exhaust diameter or a 2-inch dual-pipe exhaust diameter. If that engine is upgraded to produce 350 horsepower, it should be matched with a 3.5-inch single-pipe exhaust diameter or a 2.5-inch dual-pipe exhaust diameter for the best results.

18 Products Found

18 Products Found