Car Harnesses

Are you having a dead battery issue, or is your battery losing charge frequently and quickly?

Better still, does your engine either idle down or rev up unexpectedly, or does your car lurch or stutter when driving? A defective or malfunctioning engine harness can cause all these problems. It can also damage critical components and increase the chances of a traffic accident. We at Car Mods Australia can hook you up with an engine wiring harness replacement from a top-rated automotive accessory manufacturer. Car Mods Australia offers a wide variety of high-quality engine management accessories made for Australian vehicles, so you are sure to get an option for our car's make or model when you search for wire harnesses Australia here on our website.    

An engine harness is a set of cables, wires, connectors, and terminals connecting different electrical systems in a car. Its purpose is to transmit information and electrical power to computers, fuses, alternators, blower motors, fuel injectors, water pumps, wipers, audio systems, batteries, and other electrical components in your car. If you need to replace your car's stock engine wiring harnesses, then our OEM replacement wiring harness kits are the way to go. They are identical to factory harnesses, meaning they retain all factory systems, like emissions system connectors and power steering/neutral switches. They are ideal for when you want to keep your car in stock form.

However, if you want to add accessories to your car, like an aftermarket ECU, a fuel/oil pressure gauge, or an oil temperature gauge, your vehicle would be best served by our aftermarket wiring harness kits. They have provisions for all the above, plus auxiliary connectors with additional inputs and outputs for speed sensors or trim switches.    

Our wiring harness kits minimize the risk of electrical issues that can otherwise affect the car. Most have flame retardant over-moldings that lower the danger of electrical fires and prevent corrosion by protecting cables and wires from moisture.


Explore Our Range of Wiring Harnesses Australia

We offer engine harness replacements for your daily driver, off-roader, or custom-built race car. They include complete universal circuit wiring harness kits, mini relay kits, air intake sensor harnesses, coil sub-harness, O2 sensor extension harnesses, connectors, expander flying lead harnesses, and any other engine harness and wiring harness kits you need.

If you need more clarification about the wiring harnesses Australia you need for your car, call us at (7) 5610 2123, and our car harness specialists will assist you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an engine wiring harness last?

Wiring harnesses are made to last for many years, but they may malfunction due to adverse circumstances or unanticipated occurrences such as impacts, temperature and weather extremes, and accidents. 


How often do engine harnesses need to be serviced?

An engine harness can last the car's lifetime, but many engine manufacturers recommend harness overhauls every 15,000 hours. But if the wiring harness is faulty, it needs to be replaced. A melted or burned electrical connector can heat up and cause a fire, so it needs urgent replacement.


Do I need to fit an engine wiring harness replacement in my car?

It'll depend on the harness. If the missing harness comprises circuits required for the engine to function, your car won't run. But can run without a tail light harness, interior light harness, or something similar.


People Also Ask

What do engine harnesses do for a car?

Harnesses relay control information and electric power to electrical components, including the engine control unit, battery, alternator, fuel injectors, blower motors, wipers, water and oil pumps, lights, AC unit, etc. 


Can engine harnesses improve my car performance?

Electrical sensors improve driving performance by enabling the engine to run more safely, efficiently, and with lower fuel consumption.

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