With its distinctive gold ECUs and a philosophy of engineering excellence, MoTeC has grown from a modest home workshop producing a screwdriver-adjusted ECU in the late 1980s to a world leader in twenty-first century motorsport technology. Now boasting a network of over two hundred authorised dealers worldwide, and with main offices in Europe and the USA, this innovative Australian brand has become synonymous with motor racing success in almost every category across the globe.

Founded over three decades ago, MoTeC has evolved into an international brand providing the highest quality in aftermarket auto parts. Their dedication to the craft has attracted the attention and support of several high-profile teams in the race and rally world, who stand behind their products religiously. The growth of their brand is proof of its reputation for developing products with outstanding reliability and advanced technology.

MoTeC – Product Catalog

Motec’s catalog is designed to provide solutions for a handful of high-performance vehicles currently available on the Australian car market. Their product line includes several MoTec ECU products, as well as a variety of other aftermarket auto parts.


Your engine must be treated with the utmost care and compassion to ensure maximum performance. MoTeC understands this and has provided a plethora of engine management solutions so that you never run into problems with your car’s main operating system


Your interior and exterior are what catches the eye. However, they can often be forgotten In favor of more desirable engine and exhaust upgrades. Luckily, MoTeC doesn’t force you to choose. With their incredibly affordable parts for your vehicle’s interior and exterior, you can add quick touches without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money.


MoTeC offers the best engine control units for your vehicle. Shop several options such as motec m150 and motec m130 on CarMods Australia.

CarMods Australia is proud to be an approved distributor of MoTeC and its comprehensive line of auto parts intended to provide maximum comfort, power, and utility for your off-road vehicle. This partnership is a symbol of our brand's continued devotion and dedication to placing quality products in the hands of car enthusiasts across the nation of Australia.

We pride ourselves on providing full service to the car parts industry, giving our customers some of the best services in the market since our launch in 2009. Our dedicated sales and support staff are ready to provide technical and after-sales service to customers around the clock. The Car Mods customer support team includes all like-minded enthusiasts who are truly just excited about your build as you are and are super happy to assist you throughout the purchasing process.

Are you unsure where to start? Whether you’re in the market for a single part or planning to complete an entirely full build project CarMods Australia is here to help. Our first-class sales and support staff of car experts would be glad to guide you through your specific technical situation. Contact us today!

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