Cusco has been manufacturing OEM replacement parts and aftermarket performance parts and accessories since 1977.

It is a division of Japanese automotive parts company Carrosser Ltd., and so it leverages all the knowledge and experience that Carrosser has gathered over the last few decades in motorsports. Cusco also happens to be Carroser’s headquarters for market research and product development in the Americas, so it produces thoroughly researched and developed automotive products. Cusco boasts a long line of automotive products that include coilover kits, chassis bars, strut tower bars, roll cages, clutches, limited slip differentials, and flywheels, and many more.


Coilovers and Suspension Components

The Cusco coilovers are a worthwhile addition to any custom road/race car build. They greatly improve handling and they also enable you to adjust the ride height of the car when you need to. These coilovers are available in two types: a standard coilover and a fully adjustable coilover. The standard coilovers offer height adjustability but some of the spring pre-load or shock stroke length is compromised when height adjustment is done. The Cusco fully adjustable coilovers, on the other hand, do not compromise spring pre-load or shock stroke length when height adjustment is done. The Cusco coilovers also come in different grades, e.g. the Street, Street A, and Street Zero coilovers are graded for street use while the Zero-3G and Comp-X coilovers are graded for racing competition applications. Other aftermarket suspension parts that you can get from Cusco include sway bars, sway bar end links, suspension rods and arms, pillow ball upper mounts, bushing kits, and pillow ball nuts/collars.   


Drivetrain Components

The Cusco drivetrain components are designed to transfer power and torque from the engine to the wheels more efficiently, and so they also add value to any road/performance car build. For example, the Cusco custom clutches come in handy when you significantly upgrade the output of your car’s engine. These clutches are able to handle the higher power/torque output without burning out. Also, the Cusco Limited Slip Differentials (LSD's) help to improve performance by causing both of the drive wheels to move at the same speed. With them, it is easy to do two-wheel burnouts. Other Cusco drivetrain components include flywheels, shift collars, and transmission gear sets.


Body and Chassis Parts

Cusco also offers custom-made body and chassis parts. For the strengthening of the chassis, it offers lower arm bars, power brace bars, pillar side bars, and strut tower bars, all of which help to improve the handling characteristics of any vehicle. Cusco also offers competition-grade roll cages that help to protect cabin occupants when your vehicle rolls over. Cusco also offers a variety of custom-made performance body parts that include body undertrays, rear diffusers, hood-pin sets, mud flaps, acrylic windows, and many more.


Engine Parts

Cusco also offers a wide range of high-performance-focused engine parts and accessories that include oil filters, oil catch cans, radiator caps, gauges, turbo intake pipes, turbo heat shields, and engine/transmission mounts.


Racing/ Competition Accessories

Cusco also offers racing/competition accessories like cross wenches, racing harness anti-submarine belts, 4- and 6-point racing harnesses, shift knobs, lap beacon holders, acceleration pedal attachments, handbrake knobs, and many more.


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779 Products Found

779 Products Found