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Engine air induction is worth considering if you want to increase your engine’s output or improve your car’s performance.

When more air is directed into your engine’s cylinders, it improves the air/fuel mixture within them; this results in more exhaustive fuel combustion and the production of more horsepower. Air induction overcomes the limitations of atmospheric pressure, significantly increasing airflow into a standard naturally aspirated engine. You can count on our engine air induction kits to do just that. 

These aftermarket air induction kits are designed to exceed OEM specifications. They are developed by manufacturers that invest a great deal in research and development and use high-grade materials, the latest manufacturing technologies, and robust construction that guarantees high durability and resilience. Our air induction parts and accessories are also built to performance specifications. If you are thinking of buying air induction products for your car, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778. They will give you the best setup for your car.     

Explore Our Range of Engine Air Induction kits in Australia

You can use our range of engine air induction products in carbureted, naturally aspirated, and forced induction vehicle applications. They include cold air intakes, ram/short ram air intakes, throttle body spacers, air intake pipes, intake manifolds, deletes, etc. They come in universal or vehicle-specific options and have warranties of different types and periods. We at CarMods Australia have a support team on hand to troubleshoot any installation issues, so do not hesitate to contact us. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the main components of an air induction kit?

The main components of an aftermarket air induction kit are a high-flow air filter and a stout air intake pipe. They are designed to replace your car’s standard airbox and pleated paper filter. 


What difference does an air induction kit make?

It will make your engine sound more aggressive. It can also facilitate a slight increase in performance, but only when the car moves at speeds high enough for cold air to displace the hot air in your car’s engine bay. 


Do air induction kits improve fuel economy?

Yes, but if you respond to the more aggressive engine roar with a heavier foot, you may negate any fuel economy gains the kit may provide. 

1275 Products Found

1275 Products Found