Grimmspeed is one of America's leading producers of aftermarket car modification products. CarMods Australia is proud to offer these highly engineered, top-quality products to discerning Australian consumers.

Grimmspeed was founded in 2006 by Justin Grimm. At the time, the company specialised solely in Subaru products. Today, the company also develops products for Mitsubishi, Ford, MazdaSpeed and Hyundai.

Car Mods Australia is a first-class distributor for over 200 world-recognised brands, including Bosch, Mitsubishi, ACL and AirAid. Whether you're looking for parts for your car's oil system, engine or cooling system, you're sure to find a product to suit your needs when you shop online with Car Mods Australia.

Benefits of High-Quality Grimmspeed Aftermarket Parts

An aftermarket part is a car part designed and produced by a company that's not the original equipment manufacturer. For example, Grimmspeed makes parts designed for Subaru and Ford cars but didn't originally manufacture these vehicles.

One of the main benefits of aftermarket parts is their price point. Aftermarket part manufacturers can charge a lower rate for your car's parts, which offers you great value for money. Aftermarket parts also offer a wider range of parts, so you have a larger selection to choose from.

The main concern consumers have in regard to aftermarket parts is quality. However, when purchasing high-quality aftermarket parts, like those sold by Car Mods Australia, this shouldn't be a concern. Not all aftermarket parts have the same level as quality as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part. However, Car Mods Australia stocks only the best aftermarket parts that are just as good, if not better, as their OEM counterpart.

Improve Your Boost Control

If you're looking for a faster spool, improved boost control and the ability to hold a higher boost, you should invest in a 3-port boost control solenoid. The 3-port system improves upon the older 2-port system, as it blocks pressure from building in the wastegate actuator, allowing for a more responsive turbo and improved boost control.

If this sounds like the type of product you need, why not try the Grimmspeed 3-port Boost control solenoid?

Try an Air Oil Separator for a More Efficient Engine

Do you want a more efficient engine? If you answered yes to that question, an air/oil separator (AOS) is the perfect product for you. An AOS removes any oil from your car's ventilation system, preventing oil from being sent through to the intake system. In doing so, your car's engine efficiency is drastically increased. When there's oil in the ventilation and intake systems of your vehicle, you can experience reduced fuel octane, higher fuel consumption and increased emissions.

Try the Grimmspeed Air/Oil Separator to solve all of these issues in one fell swoop.

Enhance Your Car's Performance Today

If you want to improve the performance and efficiency of your car, don't hesitate to check out CarMods Australia's full range of high-quality Grimmspeed aftermarket products. Contact CarMods Australia or call us on (07) 5528 5801 if you have any questions or need assistance.

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