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Solve your car’s instrumentation needs with one of the state-of-the-art race-spec digital dash displays at CarMods Australia. We at CarMods Australia are here to meet all your digital dash display Australia needs.

Our digital dash displays are equipped to function in diverse applications. Hence, you are sure to benefit from them regardless of whether your car has a carbureted engine or an OBD2-equipped engine. An aftermarket digital dash display can incorporate many more gauges than those in your stock gauge cluster. Some digital dash displays can enable you to view or log real-time data from even more than 250 3rd-party devices. These displays compact the data, making it fit on their large screens. They avail space on your car’s dashboard that you can use to mount other devices.    

Our digital dash displays also have customizable screens, so you can choose the data you want to see and change it at will, depending on your driving needs. Also, you are less likely to squint when reading data from these displays than your stock gauges because most digital dash displays feature high-resolution, multi-color screens with adjustable brightness. 


Explore Our Range of Digital Dash Displays Australia

Get an affordable yet high-quality digital dash display Australia today at CarMods Australia. Our digital dash displays have different applications, e.g., street driving, drag racing, land speed racing, off-road, circuit racing, and many more. They are all from top-rated manufacturers known to prioritize build quality and durability.    


If you are unsure which digital dash display to choose for your car type, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778. They have plenty of experience with digital dash displays and engine management, so count on them to give you solid advice.


Frequently Asked Questions

What gauges must you look out for when shopping for a race-car-specific digital dash display?

A race-car-specific digital dash display gauge should have a speedometer, voltmeter, water temperature gauge, fuel level gauge, tachometer, fuel pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge, and oil pressure gauge.


What other aspects should you check for when shortlisting digital dash displays for a race car?

The memory it has, the ability to record data, the number of channels it has, its programmable ability, and its sample rate.  


Which operating systems are used in most digital dash displays?

Linux, Android OS, QNX, or WinCE.

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45 Products Found

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