Tein is a leading high-performance car suspension specialist with a global reach. The company produces superior aftermarket suspension products that offer car enthusiasts the ability to improve handling ability and driving comfort.

Tein was founded in 1985 in the Japanese city of Yokohama. Now, the company operates within a global market, and Car Mods Australia is proud to provide these products to Australian car lovers who are in pursuit of enhanced driving experiences.

Since 2009, Car Mods Australia has been distributing more than 200 world-recognised brands, such as Tein, Grimmspeed and Mitsubishi. So, if you're looking for the best aftermarket products available, supplied by a first-class dealer, check out the full range of Car Mods Australia products.

What Are the Benefits of Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket car parts are replacement parts made by third-party manufacturers, rather than the original equipment manufacturer. For example, Tein S-Tech springs are compatible with Mazda and Honda cars, but Tein didn't manufacture the original Mazda or Honda car parts.

Generally, aftermarket parts have a variety of benefits, including lower cost, additional variety and choice, better availability and improved quality.

Many consumers fear that aftermarket parts are inferior in terms of quality in comparison to original equipment manufacturer parts. However, this is not usually the case. Providing you purchase high-quality aftermarket parts, such as those on the Car Mods Australia website, aftermarket parts are of equal quality, if not better.

Why Choose Tein?

Tein is known as one of the leading providers of car suspension modification parts. The company's roots are in motorsport, and they have unrivalled experience in an environment where the finely tuned suspension is fundamental to success. With this level of experience, Tein guarantees its customers outstanding suspension modifications and unbeatable quality.

Tein coil-overs and suspension springs are widely accepted as offering superior quality compared to their original equipment manufacturers counterparts. Tein coil-overs also ensure that your vehicle benefits from firmer handling while turning corners.

Improve Your Handling With Suspension Springs

If you're looking for improved handling, increased road holding ability and reduced ride height, suspension springs are the perfect product for you.

Aftermarket suspension springs offer a cost-effective way to lower your car's ride height and improve the handling and comfort of its drive. Tein S-Tech Spring Kits are one of the most popular suspension spring products, as they have a progressive spring rate and a lowering amount of approximately 1.5 inches (3.81 cm).

With high-quality aftermarket suspension springs, your car will have a more confident look, and you'll be sure to enjoy the ultimate driving experience.

Enhance Your Car's Suspension Today

With CarMods Australia's market-leading range of aftermarket car parts, you'll benefit from improved performance and unbeatable driving experience. Don't wait any longer to enhance your car's suspension and overall performance. Look at our range of car aftermarket parts or 4x4 modification products today.

You can also contact our knowledgeable and experienced team for any further advice when purchasing a high-quality Tein aftermarket car part from Car Mods Australia.

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