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Don’t risk driving with a leaking or missing engine oil cap.

We at CarMods Australia can hook you up with a high-quality aftermarket engine oil cap that can last longer than your factory oil cap. We have a wide range of engine dress-up accessories, all manufactured by the most established players in the Australian car accessories industry. We have served Australia’s road-going community with such accessories for over a decade.

Your car’s engine needs a sturdy, well-built oil cap that fits perfectly and does what it is supposed to do; that cannot be overstated. An engine oil cap covers and secures the opening through which oil is added. Thus, it is supposed to prevent vacuum and oil leaks and keep water vapor, dust, and debris from entering the engine. A factory-installed plastic oil fill cap can break or crack when overtightened or handled with a lot of force, and the resultant oil leaks can cause your check engine light to come on while also decreasing engine performance. Save yourself from that with an aftermarket oil fill cap from one of our trusted vendors. They are made from proven materials like 6061 billet aluminum that won’t break pressure or become weaker when exposed to your engine’s high temperatures. Also, they are vehicle specific, which means they are designed to match the oil cap thread- and seal-size specifications of your car’s make and model.


Explore Our Range of Car Oil Caps Online in Australia  

We at CarMods Australia have the perfect oil filler cap for your car. They are available in many vibrant colors, with textured or smooth finishes. Therefore, they will surely give your engine bay a tasteful look. They have been hard anodized for corrosion protection and may also feature knurled grip sections that enhance grip for seamless installation and removal. Our oil filler caps also feature o-rings that guarantee perfect seals.

Talk to our experienced modding specialists about your oil filler cap needs. You can reach them at (7) 5610 2123.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you drive without an oil filler cap?

Oil is bound to spill out of the engine and onto the hot components of the engine bay; as a result, you will see smoke rising from under the hood while driving, which will look alarming. The burnt oil drops will stain those hot surfaces and ruin your engine compartment’s look. Worse still, as more oil leaks out, your engine’s moving parts will become less and less lubricated. Consequently, your engine will get hotter with the increased friction and eventually break down or fail as its parts weld to each other in the extreme heat.     


Are engine oil filler caps universal?

There are both universal and vehicle-specific aftermarket oil filler caps. It is worth noting that the parameters used to make universal oil fillers caps are not necessarily universal, so the oil caps made by one manufacturer may differ in some way from those made by another.


What causes oil cap leaks?

The main cause for oil filler cap leaks is the pressure that builds up in an engine. This pressure can force oil past worn, cracked, or loose-fitting oil cap seals.  


People Also Ask

Why is opening or unscrewing my car’s engine oil cap sometimes hard?

When an engine is hot, oil filler caps tend to expand, so you may find it difficult to remove your oil cap shortly after being on the road for some time. Oil filler caps may also refuse to open when there is gunk buildup in their threads and when the threads get damaged.


How tight should a car’s oil filler cap be?

An oil cap should be reasonably tight, but not too tight because overtightening can damage the threads or cause the cap to fasten itself onto your car’s engine block. Therefore, never use a wrench to tighten an oil filler cap.


How long can you drive without an oil cap?

It is possible to cover for a mile or two when driving without an oil cap, but highly inadvisable. It is best to get a temporary fix (something that can momentarily substitute the oil cap) instead and then look for a new one.  

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36 Products Found