Your car engine drives your car and also powers other components and accessories in your vehicle, so it is no wonder why engine or engine part upgrades are among the most sort-after mods in the car tuning industry. 

Car engine parts like the ones we have here at Car Mods Australia can substantially change your car’s driving character and performance, making your car more rewarding to drive; the same is true for our car engine accessories. Car Mods Australia has many aftermarket engine parts and accessories for road-going and track-focused cars. We have sourced them from top-rated aftermarket engine part/accessory manufacturers.   

Internal combustion engines have evolved significantly over the years. For example, the classic/vintage engines of the mid-20th century are quite different from modern engines in terms of design and technology. However, the operating principles for automobile engines have remained the same for the most part. Most car engines have an engine block (cylinder block), flywheel, cylinder heads, pistons, crankshaft(s), camshafts, timing belts/chains, valvetrains, rocker arms, push rods, a fuel system, an air induction system, and an oil system. These car engine parts play critical roles in developing propulsion power for your car, so their upgrades can significantly change your car’s performance and driving dynamics. Whether you want to make your vehicle more fun to drive on the street or build a no-holds-barred track weapon, we at Car Mods Australia have covered your engine-part needs.

You can also match your car engine part upgrades with aftermarket car engine accessories that can withstand the increased heat, pressure, and wear and tear of boosted performance. Such engine accessory upgrades include hoses, gaskets, fittings, bolts, clamps, nuts, radiator shrouds, alternator covers, hood dampers, heat shields, oil drain plugs, and many more.  


Explore Our Range of Car Engine Parts in Australia  

Our website has thousands of car engine parts and accessories for different types of engines, e.g., in-line, V-type, or horizontally opposed engines. These parts and accessories vary in size and design depending on the vehicles and applications they are meant for. Their manufacturers have developed them using high-grade materials and exhaustively tested them for guaranteed value. Many of them even come with manufacturer warranties.   

We have classified them into different, easy-to-understand categories for quick and easy searching. However, if you find it hard to get the car engine parts and accessories you seek, contact our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to return my engine to stock after adding performance mods?

It depends on the extent of the modifications you have made to your engine. If all you have done is install a performance chip or add bolt-on performance mods without significantly altering your engine, you can return it to stock.


Can adding performance mods damage my engine?

Performance mods will increase heat and pressure in your engine as they facilitate the development of more horsepower, so it is accurate to assume that they may shorten your engine’s life

21351 Products Found

21351 Products Found