The engine is the true beating heart of your car. Car Mods Australia (CMA) specialises in engine parts and accessories to improve your performance and give you more power on the road. From simple clamps and gaskets to complex fuel pumps and electronic components, we have the high-quality engine parts and tools you need to maintain and modify your ride.

Your engine is a complex machine that works according to simple principles. An initial spark sets your engine in motion, followed by a chain of reactions that compress, burn, and expand to provide power to your vehicle. This robust process relies on a heavy cylinder block and detachable cylinder head, with air and fuel moving through valve-controlled passages, combustion expelled, and power generated.

We have parts for in-line, V-shaped, and horizontally opposed engines, along with an extensive range of tools for the job at hand. From simple vehicle maintenance through to engine mods and entire engine builds, we offer the experience and resources you need to move forward with confidence. Working on an engine can be tricky without the right parts and tools by your side, which is why we keep a large selection of items in stock at all times.

Huge Range of Engine Parts

At CMA, we don't do things by halves. We have over 5,000 engine products in stock at our local warehouse, with products delivered across Australia using TNT, TOLL IPEC, and Australia Post at a very competitive flat rate. We offer engine parts for a huge range of vehicles, from anodised fittings and adapters through to solenoids, fuel pressure regulators, turbochargers, fuel pumps, and more. If you need something simple to get you through the next stage of a project, we also stock O-rings, T-bolt clamps, engine gaskets, and more.

All of our engine products are reliable, affordable, and produced to meet the demands of the aftermarket automotive industry. Many of our engine products are ideal for mods, including fuel pressure regulators, spark plugs, oil drain plug gaskets, crank pully tools, silicone inlet pipes, cold air intake systems, hood struts, and oxygen sensors. Along with engine parts, we also specialise in parts for brakes and drivetrains, suspension, exhausts, cooling systems, interior and exterior parts, engine dress ups, oil systems, hoses and fittings, and fuel systems.

The CMA Difference

At Car Mods Australia, we provide products for professional mechanics and car enthusiasts across Australia. With more than 250,000 products in stock and over 200 brands represented, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for. If you need some help, our responsive support staff are on hand to offer advice and answer all your questions.

Whether you're looking for a single tool or performing an entire engine rebuild, we have the experience and expertise to make your project a success. CMA is the trusted aftermarket engine specialists in Australia, with our extensive range of products only matched by our dedication and friendly customer support. If you need to find the perfect part or tool for your next automotive job, please browse our extensive range or contact our friendly team.

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