Subaru OEM Products

Subaru brings performance within the grasp of the average driver, and Subaru Performance Parts enhance the performance of your car even further. Subaru Performance Parts are original, OEM and upgraded replacement parts for stock components.

CarMods Australia is the premier stockist and supplier of genuine Subaru Performance Parts here in Australia. If you are looking for new replacement components or upgrades for increased performance, shop our full range of high-performance parts here.

Subaru OEM Parts

Replacing Subaru parts needs to be done with components that are genuine, high quality, and approved by the manufacturer. However, you can do better than this: how about original parts with the same part numbers and configurations that you would get from the dealership, only in better quality and without the markup?

CarMods Australia is your one-stop-shop for Subaru OEM parts for all models, and years. With guaranteed quality and superior performance, you can now give your Subaru a boost in every way. From gasket kits to engine components, we are privileged to bring you a wide range of trusted parts for Subaru cars in Australia.

Subaru Performance Upgrade

Your Subaru is an amazing synergy of parts all working together to produce performance unparalleled by most common brands. Upgrading even a single part can transform your car’s speed, power, drivability, safety, and even fuel economy at a go.

We have a full range of improved, approved, and tested parts for critical Subaru systems such as the engine, oil system, cooling, transmission, and more. With a new forged and heat-treated crankshaft or improved OEM radiator, you Subaru will run and pounce better than new.

At CarMods Australia, we source our Subaru Performance Parts from world-class manufacturers at the most affordable prices. No matter where you are in Australia, you can explore our Subaru High-Performance Part range and make your order today for prompt delivery. 


Subaru enthusiasts are a rare breed, demanding nothing but the best for their finely tuned vehicles. When you need something to upgrade your car’s aesthetics and exterior performance, CarMods Australia brings you high-quality exterior components for your Subaru. 

Looking for bumpers to replace damaged ones? Want to install a new OEM vortex generator for your WRX or STi?  Whatever exterior component, feel free to contact our representatives to enquire about availability, shipping, and terms.


Your Subaru should feel as good as it drives, and that means that the interior should be beyond pristine. From the controls, the interior aesthetics, safety gear, and even interior decals, CarMods Australia brings you interior components for Subarus throughout Australia.

The convenience of shopping with CarMods Australia means that you can now order Subaru Special Ed Ornaments to spruce up your car’s interior and give it a fresh look. Our store has thousands of Subaru components to ensure that you can always get what you are looking for.

High-Performance Subaru Parts in Australia

At OEM Australia, we bring you top-quality Subaru parts designed for high performance and extreme durability. Just like the Subaru brand, we ensure that every part we bring you is tested and approved for OEM replacement and high-performance usage.

CarMods Australia is the country’s leading supplier of OEM and aftermarket car parts. Our product range covers over 5000 individual components, giving you the convenience of buying upgrade and replacement parts at the click of our button. Be sure to explore our full range of car parts today.

74 Products Found

74 Products Found