Thinking about enhancing your suspension system’s adjustability or sharpening your car’s cornering capability? One of the top recommendations for car enthusiasts is to buy coilovers, especially the aftermarket variety. Upgrading to aftermarket coilovers Australia is a surefire way to achieve both adjustability and enhanced performance.

CarMods Australia boasts one of the most comprehensive online coilover catalogues and selections of suspension components in Australia, ensuring you get value for your coilover price. We stand out as experts in coilover suspension, having sold them for many years to local and international car enthusiasts. You won’t regret shopping for Commodore, Falcon, Forester, BRZ, Lancer Ralliart, or WRX coilovers at CarMods Australia.

A Coilover is short for “coil spring over the shock” and comprises a strut surrounded by a spring. The spring, which mounts on a perch on the body of the Coilover, can be adjusted upwards or downwards to raise or lower the vehicle’s ride height. Thus, while similar to shock absorbers performing damping functions, coilovers Australia designs are distinctive in their function.

In addition to supporting the spring, adjustable coilovers also assist in carrying a vehicle’s weight and align its wheels. Therefore, adjusting your Coilover settings can affect your car’s handling, ride comfort, wheel alignment, and steering. For this reason, aftermarket coilovers are a valuable addition to track-focused performance cars or full-on race cars. They also enable you to adjust your car’s ride height quickly to suit different driving applications.

Explore Our Range of Car Coilovers in Australia

We at CarMods Australia have partially adjustable coilovers for people who want an install-and-drive setup, i.e., car owners with no interest in tinkering with their coilovers beyond adjusting their spring heights. We also have fully adjustable coilovers for car enthusiasts who like to be able to fine-tune their car’s driving dynamics when they so desire. Such coilovers add the ability to adjust rebound, compression, and camber.

Also worth noting is that we sell only the best coilovers Australia offerings on the market. Our Commodore, Falcon, Forester, BRZ, Lancer Ralliart, or WRX coilovers are made by established manufacturers with a solid track record for quality and reliability. Many of them even come with warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do most aftermarket coilovers last?

Depending on how you will take care of them, coilovers can give you 5-6 years of trouble-free service.

Do coilovers need to be serviced, and how often do you need to service them?

Yes, coilovers should be serviced every 2-4 years, depending on the application. For example, the coilovers in a racing competition car will require replacement much sooner than those fitted onto performance cars mainly driven on the street.

Are coilovers universal?

You can fit most aftermarket coilovers into any vehicle. However, because coilovers are designed for different applications, you should always check to see if a coilover set has specific compatibility instructions before you purchase it.

7084 Products Found

7084 Products Found