Temperature Gauges

It is important to keep tabs on your car's engine temperature, especially if you are tuning or modding your car for higher performance.

Most car manufacturers provide temperature gauges within the instrument gauge clusters of their cars, but most such gauges only provide hot-cold scales with no numerical temperature readings. To get more accurate engine temperature readings for your vehicle, equip it with an aftermarket temp gauge available here at CarMods Australia. We offer a wide range of water temp gauges and oil temp gauges. They have been sourced from reputable temperature gauge manufacturers in Australia.     

An average internal combustion engine's optimal operating temperature range is 190-225 degrees Fahrenheit. When an engine's temperature exceeds this range repeatedly or for extended periods, it is in danger of serious engine damage. The hotter your engine gets, the thinner or less viscous its engine oil becomes. Engine oil lubricates an engine's moving parts, so the last thing you need is for it to become less viscous in your engine. A water temp gauge or oil temp gauge can keep you informed of your engine's current temperature; with it, you will be able to know when it starts to rise and make critical adjustments before it reaches dangerous levels.   

water temp gauge has a sensor that monitors an engine's coolant fluid temperature. You can install the sensor in a car's stock sensor location or coolant fluid port. An oil temp gauge, on the other hand, has a sensor that monitors engine oil temperature; You can install this sensor in a car's oil sump pan.


Explore Our Range of Car Temperature Gauges in Australia  

We have many analog and digital temp gauges of diverse colors and design themes, so you will find one that blends with your car's interior aesthetics. They provide readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Our water temp gauges and oil temp gauges can display readings ranging from as low as 68° Fahrenheit (20° Celsius) to as high as 302° Fahrenheit (150° Celsius). Many also have warning alerts or features that activate when your engine temperature exceeds recommended limits.

Our modding specialists are available to give you more information about these products. They can help you choose the best temp gauge(s) for your car. You can reach them at (07) 5649 8778.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a fluctuating temp gauge a reason for concern?

Yes, it is. It indicates possible faults in your vehicle's engine cooling system.


Why does my temp gauge give a higher reading than that which I get using a temperature gun?

Your temperature gun gives a reading of the temperature on the surface of the engine, which may be lower before it is exposed to air that blows through your engine bay. Your temp gauge, on the other hand, measures your engine's internal temperature, so it is bound to be higher.

343 Products Found

343 Products Found