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Aftermarket performance electronics producer Innovate Motorsports has made major strides in the development of relevant and highly effective products for the North American performance gauge market.

Based in Chicago, the company designs and manufactures universal technologies that help in engine tuning and diagnostics. It has many patented technologies that can be used even on analogue setups. Their range of products includes data acquisition systems, wideband air/fuel ratio meters, gauges, sensors, and software.


Innovate Motorsports has invested in a thorough research and development department that painstakingly develops and tests all products and technologies, so high quality is assured. They are also committed to high manufacturing quality and also to providing adequate technical support for all their products.


Innovate Motorsports offers digital gauges with faster sensor frequency, faster analog output speed, and enhanced heater control, all of which help the ECU to detect changes quicker.


MTX-L PLUS: Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit

This wideband air/fuel ratio gauge has a large digital readout and a programmable “Digital Needle” that is just as accurate as a digital display. With its patented DirectDigital™ technology, its Advanced Sensor Control module, and its Bosch™ LSU 4.9 wideband O2 sensor, this gauge provides exceptionally accurate real-time air/fuel ratio readouts.


MTX-OL PLUS: Wideband Air/Fuel OLED Gauge

This wideband air/fuel ratio gauge has a vivid, high-contrast, easy-to-read OLED display. It also has Innovate Motorsports ' DirectDigital™ technology and their Bosch™ LSU 4.9 wideband sensor, so it also provides quick and highly accurate readouts.


ECF-1: (FUEL) Ethanol Content & Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

The ECF-1 ethanol content & air/fuel ratio gauge is a four-in-one gauge that shows the ethanol content percentage, fuel temperature, fuel pressure, and wideband O2 content on an easy-to-read OLED display. It has a 0-145 PSI (10 Bar) fuel pressure sensor and a Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband O2 sensor with patented DirectDigital™ wideband sensor control.


ECB-1: (BOOST) Ethanol Content & Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

This four-in-one gauge adds boost vision, which is the ability to provide a real-time approximation of your ECU’s boost limit in reference to the engine’s current ethanol content percentage. It has a 4 BAR map sensor with a pressure range of -29 inHG to 43.5 PSI (-1 to 3 BAR).


MTX-D: Dual Function Ethanol Content Gauges

There are also dual function gauges for Ethanol content, e.g. an MTX-D: Vacuum / Boost & Shift Light gauge, an MTX-D: Oil Pressure & Temperature gauge, an MTX-D: Water Temperature & Battery Voltage gauge, and an MTX-D: Ethanol Content and Fuel Temperature gauge.


SCG-1: Solenoid Boost Controller & Wideband O2 Gauge

The SCG-1 gauge incorporates an advanced standalone boost controller, so it provides superior boost control in addition to its wideband air/fuel ratio technology. It has an integrated OLED display and a 4 BAR map sensor with a pressure range of -29 inHG to 43.5 PSI (-1 to 3 BAR).


LM-2: Portable Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter

Innovate Motorsports’ LM-2 digital air/fuel ratio meter is a full-function, 32-channel data logger that can help you determine whether your engine is running rich or lean at any load. It enables you to log the data directly to your SD card. 


Innovate Motorsports also manufactures analog gauges and other portable data acquisition products that you can get here. CarMods Australia is an officially licensed vendor of Innovate Motorsports products, so you can count on us to provide you with all their products. You can ask our modding specialists for more information about these products when you call them at (07) 5649 8778.

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