Surge Tanks

With our top-rated surge tanks, you will never have to deal with the effects of fuel starvation while racing or doing time attacks on the track.

Our surge tanks are developed to meet the fuel supply needs of the thirstiest and most aggressively tuned engines out there. We at Car Mods Australia have been selling fuel surge tanks and many other performance products for years, so we understand the fuel supply needs of Australian enthusiasts, car tuners, and pro racers.   

When a car is driven through a corner at high speeds with low fuel levels, it is not uncommon for its engine to be temporarily starved of fuel. The degree to which an engine is fuel-starved in high-momentum or high-engine-load situations determines how badly it will be affected; in extreme cases, fuel starvation can severely damage an engine. That’s why it is important for a car that spends a lot of time on the track to have a surge tank.

A surge tank is a fuel reservoir designed to ensure an engine gets the fuel it needs when under the high lateral loads that occur in motorsports. In most applications, a fuel surge tank is constantly supplied with fuel from two sources. One is the fuel that the car’s fuel lift pump delivers from the car’s fuel tank, and the other is the excess fuel that circulates back from the fuel pressure regulator. A surge tank fuel pump then sucks the surge tank fuel and sends it to the car’s fuel rail(s). Therefore, even when your car’s fuel tank runs low, your engine will be well-supplied with fuel until you can get a fuel refill.   


Explore Our Range of Car Surge Tanks in Australia  

Car Mods Australia has a wide range of surge tanks made from high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials like 5052 aluminum, so they can hold different fuel types. Their internal wires are also designed to be ethanol, methanol, and petrol compliant. Our performance surge tanks have been perfectly robot welded to prevent leaks and finished off with black anodized coatings or highly polished finishes. All their inlet and outlet AN fittings have also been exhaustively tested for leaks.   

If you have any questions about our surge tanks or need help choosing one for your car, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778. They are well-versed in how surge tanks function and how they ought to be installed.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an aftermarket surge tank last?

Surge tanks can last up to eight years, but it depends on the surge tank’s build quality and how much it works. For example, the surge tank of a car taken to the track every weekend won’t last as long as that of a car that is tracked occasionally.   

Do I have to modify my car’s OEM fuel tank to accommodate a surge tank?

No, you don’t. 

175 Products Found

175 Products Found