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Your car’s fuel system plays a critical role in the development of your car’s propulsion power.

Therefore, if you want to crank up your car’s performance, you should factor a fuel system upgrade into your plans. You can get one right here at Car Mods Australia. We have been selling automotive fuel system kits for classic and modern vehicles for many years. We pick out the best fuel management system kits on the market for our customers.

Perfect air/fuel combustion is achieved in your car’s engine when its air/fuel mixture is at a ratio of 14:7:1 (14.7 parts of air for every one part of gasoline). Leaner or richer air/fuel mixtures are both dangerous for your engine. If you have upgraded your car with mods that increase airflow, you need to match them with an automotive fuel system kit that delivers enough fuel for the extra air because your car’s stock fuel system is unlikely to keep up.

Our aftermarket fuel management system kits are up to the task because they are developed for performance applications. They have undergone extensive testing in real-world applications, so they are guaranteed to function as promised.

Explore Our Range of Car Fuel System Kits in Australia

Our fuel system kits are available in a variety of component options. They include high-flow fuel pumps larger in size and capacity than stock fuel pumps. These fuel pumps come with stouter wiring for improved power supply. Our kits of fuel management systems for sale also include fuel pressure regulators that effectively remove excessive fuel pressure, preserving your engine. Other components you get with these kits include fuel rails, water/methanol injection kits, and fuel injectors.

Contact our modding specialists to learn about fuel injection system prices, or if you are unsure about the fuel system kit you should purchase for your tuned car. You can reach them at (07) 5649 8778.


Can I install a fuel system kit on my own, or must I hire a technician?

Automotive fuel systems are complex and sensitive, so if you don’t have any experience in replacing the different fuel system components, you ought to hire a technician to install the upgrade for you.

How long does a fuel system last?

A typical car fuel system can serve you for up to 100,000 miles. A performance fuel system like ours may match or even exceed that limit, depending on your driving habits.

How to clean the fuel system?

To clean the fuel system, use fuel additives to dissolve deposits, choose quality fuel, replace the fuel filter regularly, and consider professional injector cleaning. Consult a mechanic for thorough cleaning or intake manifold cleaning if needed. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance.

What is a fuel system upgrade or tune-up?

A fuel system tune-up involves optimizing the fuel delivery and combustion process for better performance and efficiency. This can include upgrading components like fuel injectors, pumps, or pressure regulators, and adjusting fuel maps in the engine control unit (ECU).

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2724 Products Found

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