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Body roll is bad for both street and race cars because it throws off a car’s balance, causing a loss of traction and control when driving through a corner.

You can check your car’s body roll with an aftermarket sway bar available here at Car Mods Australia. Along with the sway bar, get mounts, swaybar end links, and sway bar bushings; they go together. We at Car Mods Australia pride ourselves in having a wide selection of aftermarket sway bars, end links, mounts, and swaybar bushes for Australian vehicles of different types.  

A sway bar is a bar-shaped spring designed to counter the torsional forces that a car’s chassis encounters when cornering. These torsional forces are influenced by various factors, e.g., the car’s centre of gravity, weight, and speed as it enters the corner. Because of these forces, a car’s body tilts outwards as its weight shifts onto the outer wheels when cornering. The result is less inner-tire road grip and poorer handling; in extreme cases, these forces can cause a car to roll over. A sway bar opposes these torsional forces by twisting in the opposite direction, working in concert with a car’s suspension system. Thus, it reduces chassis flex when cornering, causing better road grip for both the inner and outer wheels through the corner. This leads to better performance and handling.    

At the ends of a sway bar are swaybar end links (or sway bar link ends), which serve as points of connection between the sway bar and the car’s suspension members. They are available in fixed or adjustable options. Adjustable sway bar link ends are worth having if you want to adjust your car’s ride height periodically because they help correct the suspension geometry changes that occur when ride height is changed.

A sway bar is held in place by mount brackets that are secured onto a car’s chassis. Within the mounts are swaybar bushes designed to reduce noise, vibrations, and harshness when the sway bar is twisting or rotating within its mount brackets. Our aftermarket polyurethane swaybar bushes are superior to factory-installed rubber swaybar bushes because they don’t dry out or soften with time. Also, thanks to their hydrophobic properties and higher wear-and-tear resistance, they last longer.   


Explore Our Range of Car Suspension Swaybars, Endlinks, and Mounts in Australia  

You will find the aftermarket sway bars, end links, mounts, and swaybar bushes your car needs right here at Car Mods Australia. We have thousands of high-performance suspension parts and accessories from top-rated aftermarket suspension product manufacturers based in Australia and worldwide. They include solid and tubular (hollow) sway bars of varying diameters, fixed and adjustable swaybar end links made from premium anodized metallic alloys, heavy-duty mount brackets, polyurethane bushings, and more.

We have straightforwardly classified all these products to make it easier to search and find the suspension products you seek. Rest assured that we shall ship them to you quickly and efficiently. If you have any questions about these products, contact our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do sway bars last?

Sway bars rarely get damaged. They can last the life of the car.


Do aftermarket sway bars negatively affect ride quality?

No, performance sway bars have little to no effect on ride quality. They hardly do anything when you are driving your car in a straight line on flat road surfaces. It is only when your car starts leaning to one side (mostly when cornering) that its sway bar(s) kick in.

1083 Products Found

1083 Products Found