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If your car’s fuel pump is not pumping fuel with as much pressure as it used to, or if you have made some performance modifications to your vehicle’s powertrain that require a fuel system upgrade, we at CarMods Australia can sort you ought.

We’ll also meet your fuel transfer pump needs. We have made it possible for vehicle owners to buy fuel pumps online in a hassle-free way. Our petrol and diesel car fuel pumps, which are developed with much higher operating thresholds than OEM fuel pumps, are all made by established and highly rated manufacturers. They incorporate the latest fuel system technologies and have been designed using high-grade materials that do a better job of resisting corrosion and wear than OEM fuel pumps. For more information about how you can buy fuel pumps online, contact us or call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778.

Explore Our Range of Fuel Pumps in Australia

Regardless of whether you are looking for a single car fuel pump or an entire fuel system upgrade for your vehicle, we at CarMods Australia can meet your needs. We have fuel systems upgrades for both direct-injection and port fuel-injection systems. Our low-pressure or high-pressure fuel pumps include electric fuel pumps and diaphragm-type or plunger-type mechanical fuel pumps. We also offer fuel pressure regulators, fuel injectors, controller kits, adapters, fuel rails, fuel filters, serge tanks, fuel cells, and many more.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What types of fuel pumps are available?

We have both mechanical and electric low/high pressure fuel pumps.


Is it okay to run e85 on a stock fuel pump?

The ethanol in E85 fuel is harmful to the internal surfaces of stock fuel pumps and fuel lines, so you will do well to get yourself a flex-fuel-specific fuel pump and fuel lines when running E85.     


What is the difference between mechanical and electrical fuel pumps?

A mechanical fuel pumps use a suction process to draw fuel out of fuel tanks, so it relies on moving parts. An electrical fuel pumps, on the other hand, use electric power to draw fuel from its tank and push it to the engine.

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