Invidia exhausts

Invidia is a company based out of California specializing in high-performance stainless exhausts. They are quickly being a popular choice among sport compact enthusiasts, and they are a company to be reckoned with. Having excellent quality in their materials, craftsmanship, designs, and welds, Invidi’s finished products are like works of art. They have now released Australian spec exhausts for that perfect fitment and don't forget the lifetime warranty.

Based out of South El Monte, California, Invidia has built a global reputation upon manufacturing high-quality exhaust components that easily fit your car and can drastically increase the performance of your current systems. Their line of products rivals many more expensive competitors at a low, affordable price for the modern car enthusiast.


Originally owned by a Taiwanese company, Invidia ceased operations in 1996 before subsequently being picked up by American company Jetworld/Jetstar Auto Sports Inc, which continues operating the brand today. The company continues to manufacture its products in Taiwan, producing high-quality exhaust systems for a plethora of Japanese vehicles, and a more limited number of American and German cars.


The Invidia exhaust is by far the bread and butter as far as it comes to their product line. Your system will thank you for choosing Invidia aftermarket products as a means of clearing your exhaust and ensuring your car rides as cleanly and smoothly as it should. It will work wonders for your performance numbers as well!


While it is generally accepted that downpipes may only add 10 or 20 extra horsepower to the engine, that performance boost is incredibly noticeable when the turbo is engaged. Shop Invidia’s wide selection of downpipes for a variety of different vehicles.

Cat back

The Cat back exhaust is an extremely easy modification that will add tons of power to your vehicle by freeing up the gas flow in your stock system. You’ll also notice a deeper, more aggressive-sounding engine note as a result of this upgrade. Car Mods Australia has you covered with all the top cat back parts available to you from Invidia.

Car Mods Australia is proud to be an approved distributor of Invidia and its comprehensive line of auto parts intended to provide maximum comfort, power, and utility for your off-road vehicle. This partnership is a symbol of our brand’s continued devotion and dedication to placing quality products in the hands of car enthusiasts across the nation of Australia.

We pride ourselves on providing full service to the car parts industry, giving our customers some of the best service in the market since our launch in 2009. Our dedicated sales and support staff are ready to provide technical and after-sales service to customers around the clock. The Car Mods customer support team includes all like-minded enthusiasts who are truly just excited about your build as you are and are super happy to assist you throughout the purchasing process.

Are you unsure where to start? Are you on the hunt for an Invidia R400 for sale or any other necessary part? Whether you're in the market for a single part or planning to complete an entirely full build project Car Mods Australia is here to help. Our first-class sales and support staff of car experts would be glad to guide you through your specific technical situation. Contact us today!


Are Invidia car parts compatible with a wide range of vehicles?

While Invidia offers exhaust systems and components for various popular car models, it's essential to ensure the specific Invidia part is compatible with your vehicle's make and model. You can typically find this information on the product description or consult with Invidia authorized dealers.

How do I take care of my Invidia exhaust system to ensure its longevity?

Regularly inspect your Invidia exhaust components for any signs of damage, wear, or corrosion. Clean the exterior parts to maintain their appearance. For optimal performance, consider periodic professional inspections to make sure the system remains in perfect working condition.

Is Invidia exhaust street legal?

Many Invidia exhaust parts are designed to comply with emissions and noise regulations. However, it's crucial to verify the legality of specific parts in your region to ensure you remain compliant with local laws.

385 Products Found

385 Products Found