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If your car's driving comfort or composure on the road is not as good as it used to be, one of the causes may be a worn gearbox mount.

If you need to replace your car's gearbox mounts, we at Car Mods Australia can sort you out. As an established gear mount Australia vendor, we do our best to keep our warehouses well stocked with these and many more powertrain or drivetrain accessories for all Australian car makes and models. We also have many more aftermarket car accessories that can enhance your car's driving dynamics.     

When a car has a faulty, worn out, or broken gearbox mount, its passengers are bound to experience excessive vibration, a bumpy ride, or abnormal noise while riding in it. Gearbox mounts are essential for a car's stability on the road. They cushion engine/gearbox movement and absorb vibration, thus preventing powertrain damage and improving driver and passenger comfort. They can break or fail as they age because of normal wear and tear, heavy loads, or fluid leaks. This is especially so with standard rubber gearbox mounts with solid rubber cushions and steel-backed plates. The rubber weakens with time, becoming less and less effective at absorbing the gearbox's vibrations.

Our aftermarket gear mounts Australia are made using tougher and more durable materials, e.g., polyurethane with CNC'ed aluminium plates. They are better at minimizing transmission vibrations than standard/factory mounts; thus, they guarantee reduced wheel hop and better driving composure. Our mounts offer the above without negatively impacting road noise and harshness. 

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Car Mods Australia has a wide range of gearbox mounts designed for Australian daily drivers, off-roaders, race cars, and commercial vehicles. We offer polyurethane mounts, metal mounts, electronic (active) mounts, hydraulic mounts, and also rubber replacement mounts. They are vehicle-specific, which means that they are designed to perfectly fit the gearbox mount provisions in the car models for which they are made. Established powertrain accessory manufacturers develop all our mounts, so you can bank on getting dependable parts here at Car Mods Australia.

If you need guidance or want more information on our gearbox mount Australia, dial (7) 5610 2123, and our car transmission experts will gladly assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it safe to operate a vehicle with a damaged gearbox mount?

No. Driving with a damaged gearbox mount is not advised. A broken mount can misalign your transmission, damaging your drive shafts or cables. Depending on the car model, the drive shaft might even crash to the ground in severe cases.


Why does gearbox mounting fail?

Vibration breaks the steel bracket, and oxidation destroys the mounting rubber or urethane, causing transmission mount failure after 60,000 to 100,000 miles or more. Also, broken transmission mounts could happen from improperly lifting the engine and transmission assembly during removal.


Can a bad transmission mount impact how your gearbox shifts gears?

Yes, the shift linkage, cables, or driveshaft may become tense if your mount is defective and the transmission isn't in the proper position. It can affect how smoothly the gearbox shifts.


Are transmission mounts necessary for driving?

A malfunctioning mount will significantly affect the vehicle's performance and cause significant engine damage. Driving when your motor mount is broken is quite dangerous.


People Also Ask

How durable are gear mounts?

The sturdier a transmission mount is, the longer it will last. And often, it lasts for the whole of the vehicle's life. Yet, they can occasionally wear out prematurely or suffer damage. On most car models, they can last for at least 100,000 kilometres.


How long can I drive with a broken transmission mount?

 It depends on the extent of the damage. If you're experiencing only minor symptoms, it may be safe to continue driving for a while. But for more severe symptoms, you must replace the mounts or risk powertrain damage.


How do I know if the transmission mount is bad?

The signs of a lousy mount include excessive vibration while the engine is running, abnormal noises when shifting gears, and difficulty in engaging or shifting gears.


Can I fix a damaged transmission mount on my own?

Replacing a damaged transmission mount can be challenging and risky if you need the correct information. It's advisable to use an experienced mechanic.

52 Products Found

52 Products Found