Spark Plugs/Manifold Covers

Yes, a car’s performance and handling on the road are what matter most where performance cars are concerned, but wouldn’t it be awesome if the car also looked the part? Our spark plug/manifold covers will make your car look as potent as it feels.

We at CarMods Australia are engine dress-up experts. With our vast range of beautifully designed spark plug covers, shroud kits, heat shields, and more, you won’t hesitate to open your hood to on-lookers.  

The spark plug/manifold covers are available in contemporary, performance-focused designs and also feature diverse brand name options relevant to your car’s character. They are designed to replace your car’s OEM plastic engine cover directly, so you won’t have to make any custom modifications to accommodate them. Most of them are made from high-grade Aluminum with a corrosion-resistant coating; thus, they won’t deform or change color because of high engine temperatures. Our spark plug/manifold covers are also designed to hide spark plugs and cover your engine’s belts and pulleys, improving your engine bay’s aesthetics. They also shield the inlet manifold and your intake manifold’s exterior surface from dust and other airborne contaminants.       


Explore Our Range of Spark Plug/Manifold Covers in Australia  

Our spark plug and intake manifold covers come with all the accessories required to fit them, e.g., washers and brackets. Also, because long-established, highly-reputed auto part manufacturers manufacture them, these come with manufacturer warranties. When correctly handled, these spark plug/manifold covers can last the life of your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do spark plug/manifold covers trap heat?

The materials used to make these covers are designed to dissipate heat quickly so that they won’t trap heat.


Are spark plug/ manifold covers universal?

Because they are meant to fit an engine’s proportions exactly, most engine covers are designed for specific models.

How much heat does an engine cover have to withstand?

Between 100-150 degrees Celsius during regular engine operation.    

255 Products Found

255 Products Found