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Prosport has taken the aftermarket performance industry by the reigns, by providing innovative products that consumers will utilize on their vehicles. They not only provide a myriad of gauges, but they also manufacture and distribute hard-to-find gauge products to employ on all vehicle applications. However Prosport is not only limited to gauges, they continue daily to design, and produce products that the universal automotive enthusiast can appreciate.

ProSport Auto has taken the aftermarket performance industry by the reigns, delivering innovative products car enthusiasts trust with their beloved vehicles. Founded by an Air Force veteran, the auto parts manufacturer is based in Pukekohe, Auckland, and is mostly known for their incredibly eye-catching aftermarket gauge clusters. ProSport is a preferred choice for motorsports professionals around the world.

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Despite being deeply rooted in the world of racing, ProSport is committed to delivering quality to the daily driver as well. In addition to their myriad of gauges designed for racers, they also manufacture and distribute hard-to-find gauge products to employ on all vehicle applications. Prosport's line of products is not limited to just gauges they offer several engine, interior, and exterior accessories as well.


ProSport gauges are a trusted choice for hundreds of thousands of car enthusiasts around the globe. Explore the hundreds of gauge cluster options available from ProSport right here at CarMods Australia.


Your engine is the heart and soul of your car and must be treated accordingly! ProSport offers several aftermarket engine components to ensure everything under the hood of your vehicle works to provide maximum performance and utility for your needs.


The interior and exterior portions of the modern car are sometimes forgotten by enthusiasts focused on deriving the maximum amount of power from their engine. However, the right upgrades in these spaces can add a lot of comfort and customizability for you and your car while driving through the city. Discover all the interior and exterior essentials ProSport has to offer at CarMods Australia.

CMA is proud to be an approved distributor of ProSport and its comprehensive line of auto parts intended to provide maximum comfort, power, and utility for your off-road vehicle. This partnership is a symbol of our brand's continued devotion and dedication to placing quality products in the hands of car enthusiasts across the nation of Australia.

We pride ourselves on providing full service to the car parts industry, giving our customers some of the best service in the market since our launch in 2009. Our dedicated sales and support staff are ready to provide technical and after-sales service to customers around the clock. The Car Mods customer support team includes all like-minded enthusiasts who are truly just as excited about your build as you are and are super happy to assist you throughout the purchasing process.

Are you unsure where to start? Whether you're in the market for a single part or planning to complete a full build project CarMods Australia is here to help. Our first-class sales and support staff of car experts would be glad to guide you through your specific technical situation. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions about ProSport Products

What types of ProSport gauges are available at Car Mods Australia?

We offer a diverse range of ProSport gauges, including boost gauges, oil pressure gauges, temperature gauges, and digital gauges, perfect for enhancing your vehicle's performance monitoring.

Are ProSport products suitable for all types of vehicles?

Yes, ProSport's universal design makes their gauges and accessories compatible with a wide array of vehicles, from daily drivers to high-performance racing cars.

How do ProSport gauges improve vehicle performance?

ProSport gauges provide accurate, real-time data about your vehicle's performance, allowing for better monitoring and tuning for optimal performance.

280 Products Found

280 Products Found