Suspension: Sway bars, Endlinks & Mounts

If you want to improve your car’s handling, you cannot go wrong with a set of aftermarket, performance sway bars and the end-links and mounts that come with them. Car Mods Australia (CMA) offers a wide range of aftermarket mounts, end-links, and fixed/adjustable sway bars, all made by nationally and even globally recognized aftermarket auto-part manufacturers.

Sway bars, also known as anti-sway, anti-roll, or stabilizer bars, are large, torsional springs that connect the left and right sides of a vehicle’s suspension system at both axles.  Not all vehicles come equipped with sway bars from the factory, and those that do may not have the kind of high-spring-rate sway bars that you can get here at Car Mods Australia. Sway bars help to reduce body roll when cornering, but they also help to improve handling. In reducing body roll, they cause a vehicle to have flatter cornering, which means that they also improve weight distribution to all four wheels. Therefore, with the right sway bar setup, you’ll be able to drive your vehicle faster through a corner without losing stability or traction.

Your sway bars cannot function without end-links and mounts. The end-links connect the ends of sway bars to a vehicle’s suspension members. The mounts (also referred to as sway bar brackets), are mounted to the vehicle’s chassis, and so they hold the sway bars in place, enabling them to react to the movements of the vehicle.



We at Car Mods Australia have a well over 5,000 sway bars, endlinks, and mounts from both local and international automotive part/accessory manufacturers. We have both hollow (tubular) type and solid type sway bars, and many of them also feature several adjustment settings, meaning that you’ll be able to have different handling settings with just one sway bar. We also offer both fixed and adjustable end-links, manufactured from heavy-duty alloys for assured durability. Our sway bar mounts also feature anodized alloys with protective plating that prevents corrosion and wear, and many of them also incorporate synthetic elastomers with infused grease for optimal friction management.



We at Car Mods Australia are committed to meeting all the modding needs of all our customers. We have over 250,000 automotive products at our warehouse, and we replenish these stocks on a daily basis, so you can count on us to meet all your automotive needs. To ensure that you get the best products for your vehicle, we have put certified automotive experts on call. They offer solid modding guidance. Car Mods Australia also ships to all corners of Australia. We have many shipping partners e.g. TOLL IPEC, TNT, and Australia Post, all of which can deliver our products to you in 1-2 business days.

6050 Products Found

6050 Products Found