Water Methanol Injection Kits

Are you experiencing detonation issues? Detonation can ruin your engine.

It happens when a cylinder air/fuel charge is compressed during the compression phase and warms up to the point of auto-ignition before being lit at the proper time by a spark plug. Water methanol injection kits can effectively lower the intake temperature and resolve the problem because the liquid absorbs heat energy from the surrounding air. Also, the lower intake temperatures boost oxygen flow to the engine, increasing horsepower and torque. You can buy water methanol injection kits in Australia at Car Mods Australia.

Detonation is brought on by a significant overpressure in the combustion chamber that occurs far too early before the piston begins its downward move for the power stroke. In addition, a great deal of heat is produced by this pressure increase during the compression stroke, which is more heat than the engine's cooling system can handle. The heat left over from the detonation event in a cycle must be dealt with throughout each subsequent cylinder firing, locking it into runaway detonation.

Detonation can lead to severe internal damage, including burnt spark plug electrodes, broken piston rings, hammered rod bearings, melted or cracked pistons, and burst head gaskets. Water methanol injection kits spray a finely atomised mist of a water and methanol mixture into an engine's cylinder charge. The mixture absorbs heat and vaporises, reducing the temperatures inside and lowering the risk of a detonation. You can also buy water methanol injection kits to boost the performance of your machine because the system increases the oxygen supply to the combustion chamber, providing more engine power.


Explore Our Range of Water Methanol Injection Kits Online in Australia

You will find a wide range of water methanol injection systems to meet all your needs at CarMods Australia. Water methanol injection systems are a tried-and-tested method for successfully lowering engine inlet air temperatures and preventing dangerous detonation for turbocharged or supercharged petrol-powered race engines.

The kits can also enable racers to consistently raise boost and advance ignition timing for power increases of up to 20% without using high-octane racing fuel. Buy water methanol injection kits from Car Mods Australia because our products are made by manufacturers that employ high-grade materials and include many features.

If you need guidance or additional information about water methanol injection kits, call us at (7) 5610 2123. Our water methanol injection experts will be happy to help you to buy water methanol injection kits that suit your purpose.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fit a water methanol injection system in my racer?

On a petrol engine, water/methanol injection is a cost-effective technique for introducing an atomised mixture of water and methanol fuel into the intake to lower air inlet temperatures. It raises octane to reduce the risk of the nasty "engine knock."


Can I run a water injection without methanol?

Yes, however, you won't be able to benefit from the methanol's octane-boosting characteristics. So, you'll receive cooling from the water but no octane boost. You might generate less power without methanol.


How long can a two-quart tank last?

A quarter-mile run can consume as much as 1/8th of a tank in high boost/horsepower applications. A two-quart tank typically lasts roughly 450 miles under typical street driving conditions in a 400hp vehicle.


People Also Ask

What does a water methanol injection kit do for a car?

It presents a tried-and-tested way of preventing detonation, especially in forced induction petrol-powered race engines. It can also improve engine performance.


Can fitting a water methanol injection kit make my car faster?

The mist of alcohol and water injected into the engine significantly reduces intake temperatures, increasing power. It also increases the fuel's octane level, reducing the likelihood that the engine knocks and enabling you to run greater boosts and tighter timing.


What are the different types of water methanol injection kits?

Water methanol injection kits are available as standalone or integrated kits. Standalone kits are used on their own without requiring other engine modifications. They are affordable but deliver much less additional power than integrated kits.

Integrated kits, on the other hand, are designed to work in concert with other mods like a turbocharger or supercharger. They are pricier and more complex but deliver more protection and horsepower.

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64 Products Found