Nothing screams performance like a high-quality car body kit,

so what better way to make the guys across the street envious than to get an insane-looking body kit for your car? The right body kit can make even an old, rusty car look like it can outdo the latest sports cars on the track. We at CarMods Australia can help you with your bodykits Australia needs because we are licensed to sell a wide range of them.  

Car body kits, or ground effects kits, are inspired by the aerodynamics-enhancing modifications that automakers and racecar builders add onto their track-focused racecars to yield lower drag coefficients and more downforce. Yes, there are body kits that are just for show, but not the ones we have here are Car Mods Australia. Our body kits Australia are made by manufacturers that design their body kit products to deliver pro-level aerodynamics, using the latest CAD molding technology and many hours of wind-tunnel testing.

Therefore, in addition to making your car look like it was built for track duty, our bodykits Australia can boost your car’s performance. With the reduced drag that these kits facilitate, your vehicle can cut through the air with less resistance, resulting in faster acceleration and higher fuel economy. Your engine won’t work as hard as it otherwise would under hard acceleration. Our spoilers, rear diffusers, and rear wings also increase downforce for more road grip, which enables a car to corner at higher speeds with better stability and control.


Explore Our Range of Car Bodykits Online in Australia  

We at Car Mods Australia have different types of body kits Australia. If you have a limited budget, you can opt for our lip kits that comprise side skirts and front and rear bumper lips. We also have bumper kits, with which you get side skirts and front and rear bumper covers. Our full-body kits are available in standard and wide-body options. In addition to the above accessories, they may include front/rear spoilers, rear diffusers, fender flares, vortex generators, air/hood/window scoops, rocker winglets, and heat extractors. These body kits Australia are available in fiberglass, polyurethane, ABS plastic, or carbon fibre options.

Our modding specialists are on hand to help you choose a body kit that will meet your needs. You can reach them at (07) 5649 8778.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a body kit void my car’s warranty?

It depends on the nature of the body kit. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) states that a part or accessory ought not to void an automaker’s warranty if it is interchangeable with a genuine accessory and performs the function the genuine/factory part was meant to perform. Therefore, if the body kit meets these criteria, it is unlikely to void your car’s warranty.


How durable are body kits?

A body kit’s durability largely depends on the material from which it is made. The most common material options include fiberglass, polyurethane, ABS plastic, and carbon fibre. Fiberglass is the most affordable but arguably the weakest of the above. Its brittle or unyielding nature makes it vulnerable to breaking or shattering. ABS Plastic is similar to the material that OEM manufacturers use to make replacement parts. It is a bit more flexible than fiberglass and more robust and heat-resistant. Polyurethane (or urethane) is a popular choice for many body kit buyers because it is tougher and more flexible; however, it is also costlier. Carbon fibre is the toughest of these materials, so it is bound to last the longest; it is also the priciest.

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51 Products Found