Process West

Process West is one of the most respected brands in Australia’s performance heat exchanger industry. Having started operations in 2003, Process West is still a young company, but today, it boasts a vast network of over 95 distributors/resellers worldwide.

Based near Sydney, NSW Australia, Process West specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of heat exchange products like intercoolers, cold air intakes/air boxes, and oil coolers. It also manufactures performance aluminum accessories like aluminum covers, intake manifolds, and catch cans.


Process West Cold Air Intake Systems

If you want to enhance your car’s performance, you won’t go wrong with a Process West air intake system. Process West cold air intakes bring in more air to your engine, resulting in a stronger air-to-fuel mixture that boosts performance. These systems use longer piping than your stock air intake, positioning the air filter away from the engine bay for better performance.

Process West Intercoolers

Most factory intercoolers are made for regular driving. If you're upgrading your car for better performance, you might need to change your stock intercooler. Process West provides an impressive range of performance intercoolers that include top-mount intercoolers, front-mount intercoolers, and V-mount intercoolers for cars like the Subaru GC8/GD/GRB/VA 15+ WRX/STI.

Process West Oil Coolers

You also can’t go wrong with oil coolers because an engine that runs cooler lasts longer and also delivers optimum output without struggle. The Process West Oil Coolers incorporate efficient bar and plate heat exchanger cores, along with CNC-machined billet end tanks and high-quality Speedflow fittings. Their braided steel oil delivery hoses also help to dissipate heat.

Fuel System Solutions

The guys at Process West have also perfected the art of developing car fuel systems and fuel system accessories. They offer fuel systems and fuel pumps that are designed to directly replace factory/OEM fuel system components without the need for additional modifications. They also offer fuel rails, fuel system wiring harnesses, and several other fuel system components.

You can see all the Process West products that we currently have here in our inventory. Our prices are reasonable and competitive, so you are sure to get the best bargain for these products here at Car Mods Australia. Be sure to click on the ‘see options’ tabs to see the options that come with some of these products. If you are not sure about which Process West product to choose for your car, call our modding specialists at (07) 5610 2123.


How do Process West intercoolers improve vehicle performance?

Process West intercoolers are designed with efficient cooling technology to reduce the intake air temperature, resulting in denser and cooler air entering the engine. This leads to improved combustion and increased power output.

What benefits do Process West cold air intakes offer?

Process West cold air intakes draw in more air, leading to a richer air-to-fuel mixture for increased power. With longer piping and the air filter placed away from the engine bay, these systems improve performance and airflow.

Are Process West products compatible with various vehicle models?

Yes, Process West offers products suitable for a wide range of vehicle makes and models. Their comprehensive catalog ensures compatibility across diverse automotive applications.

173 Products Found

173 Products Found