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Want to make your car’s turbo engine sound better than that of your neighbor? Buy a blow off valve right here at CarMods Australia. You should include an aftermarket car blow off valve in your list of must-have add-on mods if you are planning to significantly enhance your car’s engine with mods that increase boost, e.g., a bigger supercharger or turbocharger.

Such upgrades pump way more air into your car’s intercooler, which will result in the buildup of pressure in the charge pipe that leads to the throttle body when you will be hard on the throttle. Upon closing the throttle rapidly to slow down or brake, you will cause the pressure in the charge pipe to increase even more. This will increase the chances of a compressor surge, which is when engine-bound air is forced back into the turbocharger. That’s where a car blow off valve comes in.  It releases that built-up air pressure into the atmosphere, giving room for more air to flow in. The sounds that an aftermarket blow off valve makes as it releases charged air are more amplified than those of stock blow off valves, so you can count on enjoying louder and more aggressive engine noises when you buy a blow off valve here at CarMods Australia.    

If you are not sure about which car blow off valve to buy for your project car, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778. Our specialists are well versed in all things related to blow off valves; they will advise you on the best blow off valves to buy for your application.


Explore Our Range of Blow Off Valves Australia

We at CarMods Australia have a comprehensive selection of blow-off valves from reputable manufacturers known to prioritize quality and efficiency. These blow-off valves include both vented and hybrid blow-off valves, most of which are fashioned from highly durable billet aluminum. They are solidly built, have sleek designs, are space-efficient, and are easy to install. Most of them are vehicle specific so you cannot just buy one without confirming its compatibility with your turbo engine.    


Frequently Asked Questions

Will a blow off valve affect your car’s performance?

Yes, to a certain extent. The release of charged air can create some lag, thus negatively affecting throttle response. However, you are better off having it because it prevents turbo-system damage.  


Should a car blow-off valve be open or closed at idle?

It should be closed at idle.


Where along the charge pipe should a car blow off valve be mounted?

It should be mounted close to the throttle body.

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