HKS’ assertion of possibility being the best known automotive aftermarket brand in the world may actually hold water. HKS is credited with building the world’s first turbocharger kit in 1974, and it also started developing performance electronic control devices in 1982, long before most other performance product manufacturers around the world had started to make products for the aftermarket industry.


HKS is also credited with building the first Japanese car to hit a top speed of 300 km/h (the HKS M300) in 1983, and it was also among the first Japanese aftermarket brands to build an original racing engine (the “310E”) in 1997, which was used with success in Japan F3 racing.


The company was formed in 1973 when its three founders, i.e. Hasegawa, Kitagawa, and Sigma, joined forces and started tuning cars and manufacturing high performance vehicle components. Since then, HKS has grown significantly. It set up shop in the USA (HKS USA Inc.) in 1981, in the UK (HKS Europe Ltd.) in 1996, in Thailand (HKS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.) in 2001, and in China (HKS Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd), in 2012. HKS is arguably the largest performance aftermarket brand in Japan, and it offers diverse ranges of products that serve enthusiasts around the world as well as the global racing and motorsport industry.


Here are some products that HKS offers:



HKS has been developing performance turbochargers and turbo kits for over four decades. Despite that fact, their commitment towards perfecting and optimizing their turbo kits has not wavered. The HKS turbo kits are available with two types of boost control: Actuator type (which is recommended for street use and mild track use), and Wastegate type (which is best suited for high-power circuit racing and drag racing applications).



Thanks to the fact that the HKS Supercharger systems are crankshaft rotation output systems, you won’t need to modify their exhaust sides. Also, the lightweight and compact HKS Superchargers are also centrifugal type superchargers, which means they run with much less noise and vibration.



HKS has also been manufacturing performance exhaust systems for many years and has developed various innovations for its exhaust systems that result in increased performance and exhilarating exhaust notes. These exhaust systems are also made using the highest quality 304 stainless steel for guaranteed durability. The HKS exhaust systems are available in a variety of grades that meet different needs and preferences.



The HKS air intake systems offer less airflow restriction than many other air intake systems on the market, and as a result, they deliver more power output with better fuel economy. By increasing air intake surface area, these systems significantly enhance air intake efficiency. The HKS air intake systems are available in a variety of grades that include Racing Suction, Dry Carbon Racing Suction, GT Suction, Premium Suction, and Super Power Flow grades.


HKS also manufactures performance suspension dampersperformance electronic devicesblow-off valvesintercoolers and all accompanying components, fuel systems and all accompanying components, brake system components, engine oil, spark plugs, nano cabin filters, body kits, and much more. Search through our inventory for the HKS products that you need; you are likely to find them here. We at CarMods Australia are committed to meeting the performance products needs of enthusiasts and professional racers in Australia and around the world. If you have a question about these HKS products, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778.    


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