Vibrant Performance

If you are in the market for performance exhaust components or assemblies, you won’t go wrong with Vibrant Performance products.

Vibrant Performance is a division of Canadian-owned Vibrant Power Inc., which has been in operation since 1985. Vibrant Power Inc., which serves both OEM and Aftermarket companies worldwide, is a global authority in the manufacture of exhaust systems and vibration control components. It is also credited with being the first company to develop an aftermarket Automotive Flexible Coupling that would replace the defective OE flexible couplings of the day.     


Therefore, Vibrant Performance, which also specializes in Exhaust and Induction components, benefits greatly from the expertise and experience that Vibrant Power Inc. has acquired over the years. It was established in 1997 to serve the Sport Compact performance market, so if you have a subcompact or compact street/race car that you want to customize or add bolt-on mods, these guys have got what you need. Vibrant Performance is committed to continuously improving its product offerings and coming up with innovations that can address the needs of the ever-changing automotive industry.     


Here are some of the Vibrant Performance products you ought to check out:






Mufflers and Resonators:           

The Vibrant Performance Mufflers and Resonators are fashioned primarily from 304 Stainless Steel. They include flat black universal mufflers, mirror polished universal mufflers, ultra-quiet resonators, standard (bottle style) resonators, and race mufflers.  


Flanges and Gaskets:                    

The Vibrant Performance flanges and gaskets, which include v-band flange assemblies, exhaust flanges, and turbo flanges, are tailor-made to the needs of performance cars. They are also made from 304 Stainless Steel.


Stainless Steel Components:     

These include TurboFlex couplings with interlock liners, bellows assemblies, standard flex couplings with inner braid liner, standard flex couplings, and LiteFlex couplings.


Merge Collectors:

Vibrant Performance merge collectors are available as 4-1 merge collectors, 2-1 merge collectors, and turbo manifold merge collectors.


Other Vibrant exhaust components include exhaust clamps, exhaust tips, slip joint adaptors and exhaust gas fittings (for industrial use).   




The Vibrant Performance intercoolers are made from T6061 Aluminum and have end tanks. They also feature cores with bar and plate construction. Vibrant Performance also makes vertical/horizontal flow intercooler cores, intercooler brackets, and end tank assemblies.


Oil Coolers:                                        

The Vibrant Performance Oil Coolers can be easily customized for any configuration or orientation. They are also made from T6061 Aluminum and feature bar and plate construction.



Air Filters:                                           

Vibrant Performance also makes classic, open-funnel, and crankcase-breather filters. They feature washable and reusable cotton-gauze filter elements that are pre-oiled.


Bellmouth Velocity Stacks:          

The Vibrant Performance Bellmouth Velocity Stacks will do a great job of smoothing out the entry of air into your engine’s intake tracts. They are made from T6061 Aluminum.


Mass Air Flow Sensor Adapters:               

The Vibrant Performance Mass Air Flow Sensor Adapter Plates are ideal for racing applications. They are made from T6061 Aluminum, so they offer superior durability.

In addition, Vibrant Performance also manufactures silicone hoses/clamps, clamping systems of various types, stainless steel/aluminum tubing and bends, titanium hardware, fluid delivery components like vibrant performance catch cans, shut-off valves, universal drain valves, flexible race hoses, and much more. Many of them come with competitive warranties, which says a lot about the confidence Vibrant Performance has in their quality.

We at CarMods Australia are proud to be associated with Vibrant Performance products. As a licensed vendor, we endeavor to offer a comprehensive selection of Vibrant Performance products at affordable prices. Our warehouses are regularly restocked with these products, so you are unlikely to miss the Vibrant Performance products you need here at CarMods Australia. If you have a question about any of these products, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778.      

1045 Products Found

1045 Products Found