Intake Manifolds

A performance air intake manifold is the way to go if you are in the hunt for more horsepower and a more favorable rpm range for your project car.

An aftermarket intake manifold also enhances engine-bay aesthetics because of its dynamic or performance-themed design. CarMods Australia is proud of our range of intake manifolds car offerings. We have faithfully served Australia’s car tuner community for years with these products.

An intake manifold or inlet manifold facilitates the even distribution of air and fuel into a car’s engine cylinders. It receives air from the car’s air intake system, mixes it with fuel from the gas tank, and channels that mixture in equal measure to each engine cylinder.

The size and nature of your car’s inlet manifold will determine how much any air induction mods you may add to your car will affect its performance. Most stock air intake manifolds are not designed with performance as their key purpose, so their sizes or how they are designed may hold back your car’s engine from hitting higher performance thresholds. Therefore, get a performance intake manifold to get better results from mods like cold air intakes, high-flow air filters, turbo kits, and high-flow fuel injectors.


Explore Our Range of Car Intake Manifolds in Australia  

Our performance manifolds car offerings have larger plenums and stouter runners; therefore, they will pump higher volumes of air into your engine’s cylinders. They are also designed with fewer curves or obstructions to facilitate increased airflow into your engine. Many also feature longer, optimally designed runners that increase low and mid-range torque.

Our inlet manifolds are available in billet Aluminum or composite material options. They work best with throttle bodies and air intake pipes with the same diameter. For more information about them, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778.    


Frequently Asked Questions

How much horsepower does a performance air intake manifold add?

Depending on its design and the vehicle it is mounted, a performance inlet manifold may add up to 15 hp.


Why do stock air intake manifolds fail?

Standard inlet manifolds may crack due to the extreme temperatures and pressures they must withstand in close proximity to the engine. However, performance inlet manifolds made from hardened metal alloys are unlikely to succumb to the same thanks to their tougher construction and superior materials.


Are intake manifolds difficult to install?

Installing an intake manifold can be difficult if you don’t have any technical knowledge related to this component or are unfamiliar with the process. In such a situation, you may need to seek the assistance of an experienced technician.

85 Products Found

85 Products Found