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A custom aftermarket steering wheel Australia allows you to display your dynamic style and personality while delivering a more engaging driving experience.

Car Mods Australia is dedicated to offering Australian car enthusiasts and motorsport professionals a comprehensive selection of performance steering wheels Australia. Our steering wheels are manufactured by time-honoured car accessory manufacturers that prioritize quality and durability.   

Your steering wheel’s primary role is to help you to navigate your car, causing it to move in the direction you desire on the road. Most automakers focus on safety, low-cost mass production, and accommodating the steering preferences of most people. For this reason, stock/factory-fitted steering wheels tend to offer average quality and durability and fall short when it comes to providing driving engagement.

Aftermarket car-accessory manufacturers, on the other hand, develop their steering wheels as speciality products designed to cater to the needs of driving enthusiasts. Their R&D departments carefully develop their steering wheels, giving them higher-grade materials and more innovative or performance-focused designs. That’s why you ought to get a custom aftermarket steering wheel Australia. 


Explore Our Range of Car Steering Wheels Online in Australia  

Car Mods Australia has top-rated aftermarket steering wheels Australia of varying sizes, shapes, colour combinations, dishes, and grip thicknesses. They come in OEM-style or quick-release options, so you can choose the type you want for your car here on our website. All our steering wheels are designed to directly replace factory/stock steering without needing any modifications. Most of them also have manufacturer’s warranties.

If you need guidance on which type of aftermarket steering wheel to choose for your car, or other interior mods, call our modding specialists at (07) 5649 8778. They have handled aftermarket steering wheels for many years, so they will tell you what to consider when buying one and how to install it. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are aftermarket steering wheels worth it?

Yes, they are. Aftermarket steering wheels are designed with superior materials that provide better grip and do not fade as rapidly as those on most stock steering wheels. Racing/aftermarket steering wheels are also made from lighter, more robust materials that communicate more steering feel, thus improving your driving experience. They are also available in several diameter options; the smaller the diameter, the more sensitive the steering wheel is. Aftermarket steering wheels also have intriguing designs that will improve the look of your cabin. 


Which is better: an OEM-style or a quick-release steering wheel?

An OEM-style aftermarket steering wheel is a better option for a daily-driver car because it enables you to retain the factory steering wheel’s airbag, which is important for safety reasons. A quick-release steering wheel is better suited to track- or race-car applications where you’ll need to remove the steering wheel to get in or out of the driver’s seat. 


Can you retain cruise control functionality after installing an aftermarket steering wheel?

Yes, but only in specific aftermarket steering wheels because most are not wired or configured to accommodate cruise control. 


Are smaller-diameter steering wheels suitable for all types of vehicles?

No, they are best suited to vehicles with power steering because they demand more significant steering effort.


Will the controls on my OEM-style aftermarket steering wheel work with my OEM radio?

They may work in vehicles, but you may need to use an appropriate adapter in others. 


What People Also Ask

Will an aftermarket steering wheel void my insurance?

No, it will not. 


Which steering wheel shape is best?

If you regularly make turns of more than 180 degrees with the steering wheel, then your best bet is an entirely circular steering wheel. However, if your car’s cabin is tight with little legroom, you might want also to consider a flat-bottomed steering wheel.  


What are the benefits of steering wheels with deep dishes? 

A deep dish is meant to bring the steering wheel closer to you.


Is light steering better than heavy steering?

It depends on the application. Light steering is ideal for driving situations where steering accuracy is not a significant requirement, e.g., when doing leisurely commutes to the city and back. It is also great for long trips because it is less tiring. However, light steering makes steering less accurate when cornering or driving at higher speeds; it makes it more challenging to maintain a straight course, so it is not ideal for track use. Heavy steering, on the other hand, delivers more steering feel, so it is ideal for drivers who want a more engaging driving experience. It is also perfect for racing or track applications.   

35 Products Found

35 Products Found